By Rocquel @OurMommySpace

Being A Mommi

Dear, Mommi you’re hired! Motherhood is the one position and title that you’re
working around the clock. It’s the one job that you instantly start right away without any
training modules, shadowing etc. Being a mommi comes with no lunch breaks or paid
time off however, it’s the most rewarding job ever! The life of a mom looks different from
mom to mom; whether you’re a #BoyMommi teaching your little one how to clean after
themselves, #GirlMommi teaching your baby girl how to care for her toys or maybe
you’re just the typical mommi trying to stay committed to your daily to do list; it happens
to the best of us! Being a mom means that you’re strong, you’re caring and most
importantly you’re a lion when it comes to protecting your baby cubs. Motherhood
comes with its trials and tribulations however, nothing beats being a mommi!

The New Mommi

I remember being in your same shoes last year. In fact, I was pregnant, ready to
pop and give my son his eviction notice out the womb. When Mother’s day came around
I was still pregnant. Although people still wished me a happy Mother’s Day I didn’t know
if I could actually celebrate. The thought of am I considered a Mother after I deliver? or
once I conceived I became a Mother? My thoughts began to roam. Here are my words
to you. You’re a mom when you instantly find out you’re expecting. You may not know
what to expect or what’s ahead however, the nine months your baby is in the womb you
are creating a bond that can’t be denied. Whether this Mother’s Day you’re carrying or
you’ve delivered in time, I would like to share some insightful advice that I’ve learned
over my one year induction into motherhood. Mommi take it easy on yourself. Never set
perfection as your expectation because as a new mommi you move at the pace and
timing of your child no matter how much we’re in denial – everything revolves around
your baby and their schedule. At this time in your venture in motherhood many people
will lend advice. Don’t feel obligated to test out every advice, use what works for you
because trial and error is your best friend. Most importantly trust your instincts because
mommi knows best. If things don’t feel right, you have an idea why the baby is crying or
if you don’t think something is safe for your baby trust your instincts because that’s the
most powerful weapon we have as women.

Postpartum Depression

The power of speaking and expressing is needed in your darkest times. After
having my son I suffered with postpartum depression and honestly it was bad. My
hormones were everywhere causing my thoughts to race in my head and force my
tongue to be held down to speak. It wasn’t until I hit a drastic breaking point that I had to
regroup and realize who I’m living for – my son. Postpartum depression is the type of
depression you may get after you have a baby. It can start any time during your baby’s
first year, but it’s most common for you to start to feel its effects during the first 3 weeks
after birth.If you have it, you might feel sad, hopeless, and guilty because you may not
feel like you want to bond with, or care for, your baby (Web.Md, 2020). Postpartum
depression is real and it’s ok if you find yourself battling postpartum depression. Some
helpful tips to get through postpartum could be journaling your thoughts and feelings,
expressing yourself to a confidant,or daily meditation.Steer away from stress, stressful
situations and take things one day at a time. If you’re faced with this battle understand
that you’re not the only Mommi facing this. Engage with other mommies and amazing
platforms such as Mommination to connect, chat etc to help you get through..

The New Mommi Life

Life will change for you and it will change quicker than you know it! You will look
up and your baby will be completing a new milestone quicker than your eye can catch.
Embrace the journey; the teething ventures and backwards crawling because once they
begin to walk you have a new trial to face, gear up! The new mommi life may seem
overwhelming at times therefore, make sure you always receive your true “Mommi
Time”. Take a moment to yourself from time to time to enjoy a nice warm bath/shower,
that glass of wine, that massage you’ve always wanted or schedule your well needed
pedicure and manicure. As a mommi this was definitely something I lacked within my
first year of motherhood therefore, I noticed at times I felt stress or felt that I never had a
break to simply think.

I disciplined myself by committing to a self care schedule, life became easier. I
spoke up to my spouse about my needs and wants to adjust to motherhood which went
a little like this “Hey Babe, today was a rough day/rough week. I need a well needed
personal down time to detach for a minute. Can I get an hour of me time to relax?”. My
spouse was always supportive when I needed a moment to detach and I think this is the
first step of adapting to your new life. Speak up for yourself and express your thoughts.
As a new mommi you can find yourself wanting to do it all by yourself because you are
worried about nagging others for help; I’ve been there too. Speak up, I promise your
support system will understand.

“The New Mommi Life” will be trying. However, I’m here to tell you’re doing great
and you will be great! Accept your new life with love and realize that as a mommi you
have the ability to create your child’s history of the memories you create with your
young. Cherish those milestone graduations from the baby bouncer to the walkers, the
crazy play dates, those beautiful walks around the park etc. It only happens once in a
stage and it’s important that you catch it all!


Mommi Contributor,

Rocquel @OurMommySpace