Who doesn’t love a good dessert? It’s tasty and satisfies a sweet tooth. However, desserts are often too sugary or have ingredients that aren’t good for our bodies. If you’re looking to add nutrition back into some sweet treats, read these simple tips for making healthier desserts.

Use Wheat or Almond Flour

Using whole wheat or almond flour instead of processed white flour can add a healthy factor to desserts. Wheat flour can increase your fiber intake, and almond flour can increase your protein intake. Swapping out flour has a minimal effect on the taste of the dessert, making it perfect for adding nutrition to your child’s (and yours) favorite treats.

Select Coconut Oil Instead of Butter

You should consider using coconut oil for any recipe that calls for butter. Similar to butter, coconut oil is a solid at room temperature. The key difference is that it’s lower in sodium and has healthy saturated fat. Though coconut oil doesn’t taste like butter, it can help your dessert become healthier. You can try a few recipes using this oil and decide if you enjoy the flavor.

Add a Nutritious Spin on Beloved Desserts

If you’re down for some experimenting, you can add a nutritious spin on beloved desserts. Maybe your kids love brownies. Perhaps you’re a fan of cake. Have you ever thought of adding chickpeas to the batter? Pureed chickpeas are a rich source of B vitamins and iron, and they can enhance your favorite treats. Also, you can use chickpeas to make sprouted chocolate hummus and enjoy it with fresh fruit. In addition, you can look online for delicious recipes that spark your tastebuds.

Utilize Natural Sweeteners

The appeal of many desserts is the sweetness factor. Both kids and adults enjoy a tasty treat that satisfies their sweet tooth. However, white sugar isn’t the healthiest sweetener. You can use natural sweeteners to achieve great-tasting desserts. Honey and pure maple syrup are great substitutes with vitamins and minerals that are easier to digest. Unlike white sugar, natural sweeteners can keep your blood sugar steady and prevent sugar crashes.

Desserts are tasty, but they’re not the most nutritious treats. Fortunately, you and your kids can still enjoy sweets with a healthier spin. Before heading off to the store for ingredients or passing the confection aisle, refer to these simple tips for making healthier desserts.