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Why does “mom style” get a bad rap? Why do people hear that term and think frumpy, disheveled and anything but stylish? Now I didn’t say newborn-mom style – we all know those days weren’t our best, but as a mom, my style as a woman has evolved, as it should!

So what’s so bad about a confident woman, working hard and taking care of her family? I have a full-time job, own an event planning company and blog, I cook, raise children with the help of my husband and so much more, my style has to meet me where I am and keep up!

Let’s be honest, my vacation looks were fun and all, but that’s not how I dress most days. Before anything else, I’m a mom and if you asked me to define my mom style I’d say it’s where form meets function. Even on my most demanding day as a working mom, I’d want to look cute. So when I shop, first and foremost, I’m looking for pieces that will help me achieve that without having to think too much about it. I may have outgrown miniskirts and tube tops but I’ll never outgrow style.

I wore uncomfortable shoes daily for years, even tried it with two kids under two on special occasions, it just doesn’t work. I know we can all relate to those eye-crossing painful walks to the car where you can’t wait to kick your shoes off and let out a sigh of relief! So criteria #2 for my wardrobe pieces? You guessed it – comfort. But I wouldn’t sacrifice one for the other. You’ve got to be both – I demand a lot from the pieces I invest in.

I’m a mom first. It influences everything I do, down to the way I dress. I’m loving my new Aetrex Carly sneakers from Zappos. They’ve been such a good transitional shoe as the temps fall and I feel like I’m walking on air. They come in tons of colors but my fave is the all-white because they go with everything! I shop for the family at Zappos often – from shoes, to outerwear and lots of things in between, I love the convenience of being able to shop for the whole family in one place! As a Zappos Rewards member, I got free shipping and they arrived in no time! It’s free to become a member, so be sure to take advantage! Let me know what color you decide on if you grab a pair of Carly sneakers for yourself or as a holiday gift! Talk to me about your style?

What aspect of your life drives your style? What’s your go-to mom wardrobe piece? I’ll be talking more about my Fall style this month, so stay tuned!