Preparing a baby shower for a loved one takes thoughtfulness and diligent planning. You are in charge of ensuring this baby shower runs smoothly. If you’re unsure where to begin, here are six dos and don’ts of hosting a baby shower for a stress-free event.

Do Consult With the Guest of Honor

Planning a baby shower can be a stressful job. You want the event to go perfectly for the mom-to-be. Before embarking on your planning journey, ask the guest of honor their expectations and must-haves for their baby shower. Keep in mind what kind of party she wants or when’s the best time to have the baby shower.

Do Offer Mocktails and Small Plates

Make the guest of honor feel included by creating non-alcoholic versions of their favorite beverages! Mocktails are refreshing, low cost, and so cute when served in fancy glassware!

You don’t want to serve large, filling meals at the baby shower, so offer small versions of the guest of honor’s favorite foods. If the guest of honor loves steak, offer steak sliders. You can even get creative with the type of beef you serve the group, such as skirt steak or brisket, to make the meal exciting.

Do Invite Everyone Close to the Guest of Honor

When planning the baby shower, consult with the parents-to-be on who you should invite. Include people close to family members and friends who have been active in their lives. The baby shower should run smoothly, and you avoid inviting anyone the mom-to-be wouldn’t approve of.

Don’t Surprise the Guest of Honor

The last thing you want is for the guest of honor to be moody and irritable from being surprised—no surprise gifts, surprise appearances, or surprise games. The mom-to-be should know every detail about the event from the beginning of the planning process.

Don’t Play Embarrassing Games

Don’t play games that could embarrass or humiliate the mom-to-be. There are so many fun icebreaker games that don’t involve pocking fun at the guest of honor. Some games you could play are:

  • Bobbing for pacifiers
  • Don’t say baby
  • Don’t drop the (egg) baby
  • Diaper change relay race

Don’t Let the Party Drag On

Nothing’s worse than a party that drags on forever. The party should be long enough for the mom-to-be to socialize with their guests, open presents, enjoy food, and play games. This should last about two or three hours.

When your guests start to leave, don’t forget to thank them for stopping by and making this day so memorable. Planning a baby shower for your loved one may be stress-inducing, but it’s worth it.

Remember to use our six dos and don’ts of hosting a baby shower during the planning process to ensure you have a perfect day!