Outside is back open: It is expensive though!

Are you familiar with all the gems your city and state have to offer? While traveling and seeing the world may be at the top of most peoples’ to-do list, doing so can be expensive. To start your traveling journey do not be afraid to start in your own backyard. Take a staycation!

Is a Staycation the way to go?

Staycations are a great way to “get away” without “going away”. A “Staycation”, or “Holistay”, is a period in which an individual or family stays in their current home city/state and participates in leisure activities.

In a study done by studyfinds.org 56% of Americans fear they cannot afford vacation this year due to inflation. While most of us are watching what we spend, we do not have to completely cut out fun things to do.

When planning a vacation, the cost adds up QUICKLY once you factor in the higher cost items such as airfare, rental car, and hotel accommodations.

Five Ways to Have a Staycation Without Breaking the Bank

1. Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a good movie? There are many options to turn your movie night into an unforgettable one.

● Stock up on your favorite movie snacks from the Dollar ($1.25 lol) Store
● You can do a quick google search to see if there are any drive-in movies in your area. If you are in the Phoenix area, be sure to check out Westwind All Digital Drive-In.
● Rent/Purchase a movie projector and set up shop in your backyard or favorite room in the house with blankets, pillows and your favorite snacks. You can make it a themed movie night and create and print your own movie tickets.

2. Pool Day

A day spent relaxing by the pool with a nice cocktail does not have to come with a hefty price tag. You can check out Resort Pass, which allows you to enjoy hotel amenities without paying those costly hotel prices. They partner with hotels and resorts in the area to offer Day Passes, Spa Passes, and Cabanas, for guests who have not booked a room at the hotel or resort but would still like to enjoy the pool and other amenities. You can grab a Day Pass starting as low as $25.

3. Wine Tasting at home

While wineries offer scenic views and guided tours. You can still serve up a pretty awesome wine tasting at home. According to wine-searcher.com the average cost wine tasters spend in Napa is around $319. You can cut your cost almost in half by hosting at home.

● Keep it small and cozy-host as a girl’s night, couples’ night, or a date night
● Ask your guest to bring a bottle
● Theme it-while there are many wines to choose from choosing a theme can help others decide what to bring. You can pick a country, a specific price point, all reds, all whites the choice is yours.
● Cheese Please- what goes better with wine than a good cheese. With a wine tasting you do not have to worry about spending a lot on food. Keep it simple with lite finger foods or a nice charcuterie board with all the fixings that pair well with wine like fruits and cheese.
● Have fun- when hosting at home you are not tied down to a certain time in which your tasting will be over, and you are moved along so the next person can get in. Kick back and enjoy your time with friends.

4. Camping or as some may prefer Glamping

While I myself would be more of a glamper than a camper I do enjoy looking at a beautiful star lit night sky. You are probably thinking, what is Glamping? Glamping is where stunning nature meets modern luxury. Camping with some extra bells and whistles lol. I am not much of an outdoors person but here are a few tips to turn a night in the backyard into a great camping experience.

● Grab your tents and sleeping bags and grab your favorite spot in the yard. Don’t have tents or sleeping bags on hand, no worries just grab some blankets you do not mind getting dirty and you can create a fun fort.
● Smores- camping is not complete without making smores. If you do not have access to a fire pit you can roast your marshmallows in the oven for a few minutes or you can purchase a small s’mores maker from Amazon for $13.
● Games-put your phones and tablets down and grab your favorite board games and or card games and spend some time having fun with your family and friends.
● Telescope- camping is all about enjoying nature and taking in the beautiful night sky. Grab your telescope and take turns looking at the stars.
● Bug Spray- Don’t forget to protect yourself from the nighttime insects who also enjoy being out at night.

5. Weekend Getaway

This is my favorite staycation thing to do! If your budget is not too tight and you have a little wiggle room to treat yourself, grab a room for a couple nights at a hotel or resort and become a tourist in your own city!

● Guided Tours-How much do you really know about your current city? Sign up for a self
guided/guided tour or join a sightseeing tour to learn about neighborhoods you do not
often frequent in your city. Many cities offer walking/bus/bike or group tours of the area.
● Food-travel outside of your normal go to restaurants. Try small local spots in the area
you are visiting.
● Relax- getting out of your home and into a new environment is sometimes all you need
to reset and relax.

Find Those Deals!

As you can see, taking time off work to relax and hang with family and friends does not have to break the bank. My favorite go-to for discount tickets on almost everything is Groupon. Never heard of Groupon, well it is a digital coupon provider that helps you save money online and in stores. You can also use Groupon to find daily deals and get cashback on purchases and group deals on all things from restaurants, retailers, and manufacturers. So now that you have some tips and ideas on how to “Staycation” go put in that time off request and ENJOY!

Wishing you joy and safe travels,

-The Traveling Brown GIrl-