While most of life happens inside, getting outside is good for all of us. Getting outside can strengthen our immune systems and improve our mental health, along with other benefits. Most of us moms want these benefits for ourselves and our children. However, since most of life is happening inside, many of our kids are reluctant to go outside. Here are 4 ways to get your kids outside this fall.

Lead With Your Child’s Interests

One of the big questions kids ask is what they’re going to do outside. While creativity and ingenuity will eventually kick in for many, having a specific activity in mind can ease the transition outside. Always lead with your child’s interests. If they love singing inside, then they can sing on a nature walk. If they like playing knights and dragons inside, then they can do so in your yard. As you make these suggestions, they’ll start to develop their own connections between indoor and outdoor fun.

Transfer Indoor Activities Outside

While you may want to jump straight into exercising and playing outside, those may not follow your kid’s interest as much. Instead, you can focus on transferring indoor activities outside. Does your kid like to read? Then, let them bring their favorite book to the park. Even if they read the whole time instead of playing, they’ll still be outside with fresh air, which has many benefits. The same principle applies to other activities, such as coloring and toys. When your kids’s favorite thing is outside, they’ll be more willing to spend time outside.

Help Them Find Fun Outdoor Sports

Sports offer a focused outdoor activity and may be the best option for getting some kids outside. Look into school and community sports teams, such as flag football or a hiking group. Shy kids may want to try sports on their own before joining teams, and that’s OK. There are many water sports you can introduce your kids to on the river before the weather gets too cold, such as fishing and kayaking. If you don’t live near a river, you can still privately introduce your kids to outdoor activities like rollerblading and tennis. They can join community groups for those activities once they feel confident.

Go Outside With Them

You’ve probably noticed that we mention both you and your kid in every section. That’s because kids always want to spend time with their moms. If you’re outside, they’ll want to be outside, too. While you don’t have to actively participate in everything your kid does outside, knowing that you love the great outdoors will inspire your kid to feel the same.

These four ways to get your kids outside this fall are good for you and your children. Together, your entire family can enjoy the beautiful fall weather and the health benefits of getting outside.