Growing up with a big family I always had a huge support system. I grew up in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago where we had grandma and grandpa, auntie and uncle, all in the same yard but different homes. This was my little community, my little sanctuary. Transitions and life changes were so easy for me because I always had someone or a group of people along the way. Coming from a great community made finding my community with Mommination that much more rewarding.

What Does Community Mean To Me?

A Community to me, is having a unit of people around that are positive, share the same norms, religion, values or customs. These individuals should help guide you along the pathway of life while getting through life’s ups and downs. It’s having a shoulder to lean on or someone to talk to in your time of need.

Let’s Take It Back Just A Bit!

I began dancing at the age of six and this is where I was introduced to an amazing dance teacher, Ms. Myram Scott. She was an amazing woman and lead the group with so much grace and love. There I had such a big team and a big group of people around me 24/7. And like I said before I had such a huge family, and my cousins were also apart of the dance community with me. I always felt loved and supported while traveling or performing. It was easy because I had my security blanket, which was my family. When my cousins decided to join a different dance troop, it still felt like I was around family because I spent years getting to know the people around me. These people became my family. I spent most of my childhood with this group of individuals and grew to love them.


Moving On To My First Year Of High School!

One unfortunate incident gave me the push to run track and field. Here I built yet another awesome community. The coaches were not just coaches to me. They were friend of my parents, so I felt welcomed when I joined the team. The entire team was so welcoming, which made the practice feel like a piece of cake. On those really hard days of practice, they were there cheering you on and encouraging you to do your best. Little did I know I was about to enter an entire different world leaving for college. This is when things took a different turn and my life changed.

I entered the USA in January 2006 on an athletic scholarship to run the 400 hurdles and the 4x400meter relay. This was a huge change for me and not having my support system with me changed me. I was very unsure of myself and questioned myself a lot! Felt so lost! I was competing at the collegiate level, which included the NCAA and CIAA. With all I had accomplished, it still felt like I was missing my  community.


But Let Me Tell You!!!

When I became a mom I felt like life threw me another curveball. I felt all alone yet again, and had no one to turn to. Yes, my husband was amazing and made me feel like I was the prettiest pregnant woman in the world, but something was missing. I felt lost and had no support system because my mom and family were not around to support me. My mom, she was still living in Tobago and still working so she needed to request time to come see me. I was very blessed to have the opportunity to become a mom to my beautiful baby girl “Leae” and would not trade this moment for anything in the world. Leae gave me life and made me so happy to be a mom. But I needed a support group. I began going to mom groups at the library and kids museum, but never felt at home. I then decide to stay to myself and the few people around me that I felt comfortable with, which were mainly males. However, one day my husband’s best friend told me about a dope nation!


Finding My Nation “MommiNation”

I began following MommiNation 4 years ago and never turned back! First, let me begin by saying I was lost for a long time, but when I got to know these two dope women I got to a better place as a mother. Man let me tell you, the LOVE and SUPPORT they show you is UNREAL! I decided to follow them just to learn more about the nation, which was no disappointment. This nation not only supports your physical journey. It does a lot more. You join a community like no other. The women are positive and supportive, and I’ve built such an amazing community. This is exactly what I was looking for. The women in this group make me feel like I have known them all my life. The daily calls, check-in’s ,messages and daily devotions all come right on time. Our bond allows us to openly talk about our struggles or things that our kids might be going through at school. It’s a safe space to talk about things you may be going through in your marriage and there’s always someone in this community to chat with.

Motherhood is hard and having a group of positive women around you that believe in you and know your struggles is amazing. These past 4 years of my life has been so great because of this nation who has  poured into me, as much as I have poured into them. Sanya and MyKal believed in me and support me so much, that they gave me the opportunity to launch a Mommination Chapter right here in Raleigh NC.  This is what I call a community! This is what I call FAMILY!

The Dopest Nation! We are MommiNation!


~Mommi Aisha~