It seems like just yesterday, you were taking your baby home from the hospital. Now they’re asking you for lunch money, begging you to drive the car, and like to spend more time alone. When raising a teen with autism, finding ways to keep them interested and out of their room can be a struggle. Along with activities that help teenagers with autism socialize.

Although it’s important to allow your child to have time to themselves, it’s also essential to continue to build their social skills. By building these skills, your teen will have more confidence in meeting new people and building relationships. You can help them boost their self-worth and well-being through small activities, such as exercising or cooking.

Below are a few activities that help teenagers with autism socialize to ensure that they have the necessary skills to be independent in the future.

Get Your Steps In

Some teenagers with autism have limited motor functionality that stems from their childhood. Exercising regularly is a way to improve their physical health and self-esteem. Through light activities or more intensive trips to the gym, your teen can boost their overall well-being and decrease repetitive behaviors.

Paint a Lovely Picture

Another activity that helps teenagers with autism socialize is painting and other arts and crafts activities. Painting is a form of expression that can help them communicate feelings and emotions. However, if your teen has no interest in painting, try apps like Draw Something or Scribblify as another fun way to create artwork.

Encourage Them To Join Clubs at School

One of the best ways to get your teen to socialize is by encouraging them to join extracurricular activities at school. Depending on your child’s school, they may offer a ton of clubs that are niche to the students. If your child is a history buff, encourage them to join the history club. If your child loves to cook, see if there’s a cooking elective. It’s important that your teen finds something that interests them in school, as it makes learning more enjoyable.

If your child joins a club at school, make sure to contact the sponsor to ensure they know the best ways to interact with someone who has autism.

Listen to Music/Karaoke Party

Everyone has one song that evokes deep emotions within them. Music can start many conversations, whether it’s happy, sad, excited, or nostalgic. A way to get your teen socializing is by listening to music together and encouraging them to sing along. Listening to music is a powerful tool to reduce anxiety levels, improve memory, and develop social skills.