ay alWhen you think about going to the grocery store, you may like to go alone since it allows you to have a faster trip. But if you go shopping without your child, you may deprive them of a beneficial and educational experience. Read on to learn about the 5 benefits of taking your child to the grocery store.

You and Your Child Will Have a Bonding Experience

It’s a widely believed grocery shopping myth that you should leave your children at home before going to the store. But taking them along allows you and your child to bond as you find your items together. You’ll create wonderful memories of when your little one was your “assistant” in the store.

Your Child Can Gain Experience With Tasks

Taking your child to the grocery store also gives them experience with tasks they must do later in life, such as shopping for items and placing them into the cart. When the day comes that they must shop on their own, they’ll be glad that they had these early experiences and feel more comfortable in store environments.

They Can Learn About Spending

Your child may be too young for an allowance, but it’s not too early to teach them about spending, which is another benefit of taking your child to the grocery store. For example, when your child sees you pass up a costly item and opt for a less expensive alternative, that’s an opportunity to impart a lesson.

You can explain why you chose the other item and how the savings will benefit your family. This may also allow you to even influence them to become a more careful spender as an adult.

You Can Teach Them About Food

A grocery shopping trip can benefit your child by teaching them about food. As you add items to your cart, they’ll learn about them, what they look like, and what food groups they belong to. These lessons may positively influence their eating habits.

Grocery Stores Teach About Social Interaction

Bringing your child to the grocery store may also be good for their social skills. As they enter and exit the store, they’ll see how you interact with the people who run the store and join you in these interactions. But don’t be surprised if they seem a little shy at first.

Now that you know these benefits, consider taking them along to the store more often. Although they may make your trip longer, the lessons that they learn will make it worthwhile.