Clothes shopping with the kids can sometimes feel tedious and time-consuming. Worse yet, when the kids hit a growth spurt, it may feel like you’re at the mall every weekend buying new outfits and shoes. Make trips more enjoyable for the both of you with a couple of tips for finding the best clothes for your kids.

Buy What’s Comfortable

As cute as stylish clothes are, they’re not always comfortable, and kids need something they feel

free in as they run around! Kids spend a lot of their time playing, so prioritize comfort in every clothing purchase. Try looking for:

  • Breathable fabrics
  • Loose-fitting garments
  • Weather appropriate clothing

Your child needs a variety of outfits they can wear throughout the year. Jeans probably won’t cut it on a humid day in July. Remember the fabrics some children find comfortable, others may not, so take your child with you—at least for the first few trips—so you’re not driving back to the mall to return a mountain of clothes.

Carefully Consider Fabrics

Buy clothing made of fabrics you know will hold up well. Some materials may shrink on the first wash, and others bleed dye all over your laundry load. Quality clothing will last your child a lot longer and could also make a great hand-me-down if you have multiple kids.

In a similar light, you shouldn’t invest too much into fabrics that require lots of upkeep. If the occasional outfit or two needs ironing, that’s fine, but it shouldn’t make up their entire wardrobe. By checking the tags on clothing, you can see what materials went into making it.

Research Clothing Brands

Depending on the type of clothing, it may be a good idea to do some investigation work. You may want to research a high-end brand before you buy a formal outfit for your little one to ensure it’s worth the money.

Likewise, if you’re buying organic clothing, ensure the brand is organic rather than just eco-friendly. By knowing how to determine if clothing’s organic, you buy the brands you can trust. Some parents have to buy organic for their baby or child due to skin allergies, so buying from a trustworthy brand is vital.

Have Fun Together

The final tip for finding the best clothes for your kids is to enjoy your time together. The fun of clothes shopping may die down for your child when you have them trying on outfit after outfit. Keep things fun on your trip by letting your child explore their sense of fashion with different colors and patterns. Style is about creative expression!

Remember to help guide your child, pick out clothing as a team, and establish rules on what is and isn’t OK to wear. Don’t be too strict, though, and give your child a healthy number of options to power their imagination. And as they try on every outfit, do a makeshift fashion show so your mini-me can strut with confidence.