Christmas may still be a couple of months away, but when it comes to more expensive presents that you want to get your kids, it’s better to plan ahead to ensure you get the best deal possible and know everything you should expect with it. One gift that involves a bit of planning is an electric ride-on. There is a lot to learn about these little vehicles, so we’ve made a list of what you should know before buying your kid a ride-on car this year.

They Can Get Expensive Fast

These toys can be on the pricey side at times. There are less expensive ones out there, but that doesn’t mean you should count the more expensive ones out. They come with a bunch of fun features for kids and their parents.

Some examples include dashboard touchscreens, Bluetooth connectivity for music, and parental remotes to take control of the car. And that last one can be incredibly important for their safety and your peace of mind. The ability to stop your child from riding out into the street from a distance is a game-changer.

They Come in a Variety of Sizes and Speeds

You have tons of choices, so it’s easy to get a ride-on for your child’s age and maturity level. Their sizes and motor capabilities can vary widely. Common voltages are 6V, 12V, 24V, and sometimes even 36V for kids that can handle it. If you want to get them one that will last for many years to come, buy them a larger model with a weaker battery since you can easily change it out later for a more powerful version.

There Are Some Two-Wheeled Variations

A more recent development that you should know before buying your kid a ride-on car is that there are ride-on motorcycles too. These are a very cool addition to the lineup of vehicle possibilities in this toy category, and they’re very popular with older children.

Even though these two-wheeled vehicles don’t seem like a safe choice for your younger kids, many of them come with training wheels that you can remove later. They still have the same options for motors, so you can get them a low voltage one to reduce the chases that they’ll hurt themselves if they fall over.

Certain Things Can Help the Battery Last Longer

One major complaint about these toys is that the batteries don’t last very long. While this can vary, depending on the brand, there are ways to make your battery last longer. The main ones are to charge it only when it’s about to die and refrain from leaving it on the charger for longer than you have to. Doing otherwise will cause it to drain faster than usual.

Luckily, as we mentioned above, these batteries are interchangeable, unlike the ones inside most consumer electronics these days. That means that if the battery does die, the whole toy doesn’t become useless. You can still fix it up like new.

Wishing you the best of luck on your holiday shopping.