There was once a time where families, and even neighbors, regularly ate meals together. These days, that’s becoming less and less common. Some families, especially those with kids old enough to cook for themselves, would be lucky to get together even one meal a week. It’s unfortunate because there are many benefits of eating dinner together as a family.

Healthier Dietary Choices and Eating Habits

When you plan meals, they tend to be healthier than food eaten on the go. As a parent cooking meals for the rest of the family, you have the power you positively impact their health and eating patterns. In other words, your kids won’t become accustomed to eating dinner in front of a TV every night if that doesn’t become the norm in your household. Home-cooked meals tend to be higher in lean protein and fresh vegetables and lower in calories, excessive salt, unnecessary sugar, and low-quality sources of fats.

Higher Self-Esteem

Both you and your children can experience high self-worth by eating dinner with each other. Every time you ask them about their day or what they learned, you reinforce that their views and opinions matter and are respectable. This feeling is similar in parents who can provide for their kids and promote a healthy psycho-social environment. The other psychological benefits of regular family dinners are never-ending, including lower substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. By coming together, you promote a space that teaches resiliency and commitment.

Prioritize Time Together on Busy Days

We are all as busy as ever these days, whether that’s from work, school, sports, extracurricular activities, or some good old-fashioned “me time.” Food is something that we all need in our lives, and it can be potent to indulge in it with our loved ones. Family dinners promote a positive home environment, which is terrific as our children grow up and strive to become more independent. If dinner is too hard to do, you could always switch to family breakfast or make sure you eat together on the weekend.

There are too many benefits of eating dinner together as a family for this valuable occurrence to not happen in your household!