When managing life as a new parent, we know it can become difficult to save space. To help improve your area, whether on the go with your baby or around the home, we have a few ways to help manage space with your new baby. Here’s a guide on space-saving tips for when you have a newborn.

Use Small Drying Racks

It isn’t easy to juggle caring for a newborn and organizing baby bottles. To help conserve space near the sink, invest in a small drying rack or two to help keep your supplies organized and ready to grab. The small drying racks won’t fit pots and pans, but they’re perfect for drying bottles and specialty gear.

Use Dividers Throughout the Home

No matter what size house you have, you want it to be as organized as possible, especially with a newborn. To help keep things in the main living area organized, consider using a portable playpen that comes with a convertible bed to move your baby wherever you go. Also, since you have a lot of clothes for your baby, try to label and then divide them up between drawers and the closet. As your baby grows, spend some time organizing the closet once a month; transfer any clothes that no longer fit into the closet and any new clothes that fit your baby into the drawers. Additionally, use cabinet dividers to help organize everything from toys to formula to bottles.

Get an Over-the-Door Organizer

From organizing shoes to straightening out the onesies, ensure you have everything you need readily available and near the changing table. Using an over-the-door organizer, you can organize the onesies to wear throughout the week. You can even have a particular slot for diaper ointment, diapers, wipes, and more.

Create a Donation Bin

Your little one will not get the chance to wear all of their outfits. Consider placing whatever they don’t wear, or they grow out of, in a bin to donate. Once the container is full, you can donate them to a thrift store or a parent-to-be. When creating the chest, place it on the top shelf in the closet to keep everything organized.

When organizing the nursery for your newborn, consider what furniture you’d want to help make your nursery functional and safe for your baby. Every baby room is unique, and how you design your nursery can impact how you organize the space. Keep our space-saving tips for when you have a newborn in mind when shopping for new ways to save on space for your new bundle of joy.