Spa days aren’t exclusive to adults. Kids can enjoy some TLC while hanging out with their friends, too. If you’re thinking about hosting a relaxing spa day, read these five tips on hosting a spa day party for kids. We have awesome suggestions!

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

One of the best things about spas is the calming nature of the room. You can turn your space into a cozy atmosphere by playing relaxing music, dimming the lights, or using calming essential oils. To elevate the experience, you can turn your heat on to create a spa-like environment.

Prepare Your Spa Day Gear

Spas offer many services, but for your kid’s party, you can select a few things. For example, you can have mani-pedis, facials, foot soaks, and massages. To prepare for the festivities, you must gather everything for these services. This may include:

  • Various nail polish colors
  • Nail clippers, files, and buffers
  • Face masks (or face mask ingredients)
  • Bath salts (Epsom, lavender, mint, etc.)
  • Buckets for hands and feet
  • Massage oil (or baby oil)

Utilize Stations

Spa stations are great because you can organize materials, and kids can select what they want to do. You can have a nail, facial, or foot soak station and customize it to your liking. You can also have a design station for nails and learn different tricks. For instance, adding glitter or faux gems are among the five nail art tips and tricks to know about. You can impress kids with your unique mani-pedi skills!

Offer Light Refreshments

Offer some spa-themed refreshments during the party for kids to enjoy. Serve berry-infused water, mini cucumber sandwiches, and fruit or vegetable trays. However, kids love sweet and savory treats, so you can also add cupcakes, pretzels, and other snacks they like. Serve food on mini plates and drinks in small cups to capture the spa day “feel” and further emphasize the atmosphere.

Have Extra Towels on Hand

The challenging part about hosting a kid’s spa day is the mess it brings to your space. Therefore, it’s best to have extra towels on hand to clean up anything. In addition to cleaning spills, it’s ideal to have extra towels to make sure kids don’t leave your home with wet hands or feet.

Pamper your kids and their friends with a relaxing spa day. You can turn your home into an ultra-cozy spot with great spa day services. If you’re hosting this event soon, always refer to these five tips on hosting a spa day party for kids.