You might feel more comfortable during a home birth because the attention of every healthcare professional within the home will be on you instead of multiple expecting mothers. This type of process for going through labor isn’t for every woman, so make the right choice for you regarding home births. If this is the birth plan you want to pursue, check out our tips for staying comfortable throughout the process.

Have Support

If you have fears about the statistics surrounding black women and giving birth, find a healthcare professional team that can help ease those fears and help in situations that could arise while you are giving birth. Also, have your partner or a different loved one stay by your side throughout this process, so you have a familiar person to turn to throughout the labor. If you do not have a loved one to stay with you, consider a birthing doula or midwife you trust.

Prepare With Birthing Classes

You never want to go into the process blind, and it’s a smart idea to educate yourself on a birthing plan. 1 in 6 pregnancies carried by black women end in preterm delivery, and the leading cause of maternal death among pregnant black women is heart-related complications. You must know these types of statistics so you can better prepare before giving birth.

Have Extra Pillows and Blankets

Labor and delivery are anything but comfortable, but you can reduce discomfort with extra pillows and blankets. You may need a pillow under your back or legs, and you may need more than two or three. It’s better to be over-prepared for the laboring journey rather than under-prepared and not having every essential item you could need.

Play Peaceful Music and Have Distractions

Before the day comes, curate a playlist with your favorite songs and a few gentle ballads to ease the tension in your mind and set the mood while giving birth. Along with music, have your other favorite distractions on hand. This could be movies, books, puzzles, etc.

Stock Up on Food and Drinks

Depending on who you have around for the home birth, stock up on food and drinks for everyone involved. You may not be hungry throughout the labor, but the professionals aiding you along the journey will be. Additionally, you want to stay hydrated, so ensure you have enough drinks on hand for you and the staff.

An essential aspect of doing a home birth is staying comfortable to have a smooth delivery with minimal complications. Surround yourself with trustworthy professionals and loved ones to enhance the joy of bringing a life into this world. Prepare for the process and have different tools and devices to help ease the discomfort that comes with birthing a baby.