Prom night is a milestone event in the quintessential high school experience, and your child is probably eagerly awaiting the day. Even though the night is all about students, moms can help make the event even more special and memorable for their children. Read on for advice on how Black mothers can help their children have fun at prom and create lifetime memories.

Make Them Feel Nothing Short of Gorgeous

Every child wants to feel their best on prom night, and as their mother, you have the power to make that happen. Be your child’s hype woman, showering them with words of affirmation and helping them choose and buy an outfit that they feel confident and stunning in. You can also make a mommi and me date out of getting ready; go to a salon/barbershop and treat them to a full spa, and relaxing experience. Ultimately, you want your child to feel ready to take the limelight, and helping them feel beautiful is part of this.

Help Them Plan Exciting Pre- and Post-Prom Activities

Prom night is more than just the dance—it’s an entire evening’s worth of fun. Maybe you could arrange for a professional group photo session with their friends to get Instagram-worthy photos they can cherish forever. Perhaps you give them money to cover their meal at pre-prom dinner. You could also open up your home for post-prom festivities, such as a slumber party or movie night. These thoughtful gestures on your part help make the entire night a blast.

Give Them a Prom Gift

A thoughtful prom gift can be a token of affection that expresses your pride and joy in your child’s achievements. Consider a keepsake they can hold onto, like a piece of jewelry with an empowering message. They can wear it during prom or later—regardless, the piece will serve as a reminder of your love for them. The gift doesn’t have to be extravagant. It just has to be heartfelt, something that tells they are valued and cherished.

Help Them Manage Their Expectations

As with any significant events, prom comes with its own set of fairy-tale expectations. However, one of the common misconceptions about prom is that it always lives up to the hype. While prom night is easily the best night of high school for many students, that’s not always the case. Your efforts and contributions to your child’s night will help it be as fun as possible, but make sure you let them know that it’s okay if not everything is perfect. Let them know that the most important thing is to have fun and go with the flow of the night, cherishing the moment in time for what it is. In doing so, your child is more likely to have a magical prom night.

Try these ideas for how mothers can help their children have fun at prom to make your them feel gorgeous, supported, and excited for the night. They will certainly remember the love and effort you invested to make their night special.