With the winter months upon us, now is the perfect time to create an Emergency Kit for your cars! As a mommy of 4 all under the age of 10, I recently sat down and thought about all the things I should have in my car in case of an emergency this winter.  Here are my top 7 items, every mom should have. 

1.     A Portable Car Jump Starter:  While most of us have jumper cables, these jump starters are better for times when you cannot flag someone down to help give you a jump.  I also love that most have an outlet so that you can charge your cell phone and a flash light.  There are several brands that you can choose from and you can purchase them anywhere from Sam’s Club to Amazon. 

2. Snacks! Let’s just agree that if you have children this is one of the most important items for them.  I tend to keep mini bottled waters, gold fish, peanut butter crackers, veggie straws and juice boxes in my truck at all times… Again I am a mom of 4 under the age of 10 so these help me out.  Any snack that’s nonperishable will be perfect for your kit. 


3. Blankets- I score tones of seasonal blankets from Target’s after Christmas sale and these make for the best emergency travel or just road tripping in general. 

4.   First aid kit- I can’t stress this enough, having a first aid kit is so important in general, You can easily make one with items you pick up from the dollar tree or grab a one from Target, we  have the Oh Joy kit because who doesn’t love color. 


5. Paper Products- Anything from baby wipes, paper towels or extra napkins are always a plus to have in the car.  It’s always better safe than sorry, in these instances especially if you need a bathroom relief. 

6.      Portable Phone Chargers- these are perfect especially if you don’t have the car jumper kit as mentioned above, you will still have an option to charge your phone in the event of an emergency.  I actually keep one in my diaper bag on a daily basis.


7. AAA- this service or any roadside service in general is ideal for moms on the go.  There’s nothing worse than feeling helpless with little ones in freezing temps.  Basic memberships start as love as $59.  And some insurance companies actually offer roadside assistance for just a few extra dollars a month.  I recommend you checking with your insurance first to see what they have to offer. 

I hope that you can find something on this list to help you out this winter, and don’t forget to tag me in those car kit posts!  Follow along with our everyday adventures at my blog or on Instagram.  Until next time…


Mommi Meka H.