When the opportunity comes to move to a new home in Seattle, Washington, it can feel exciting. The chance to experience somewhere new with your family creates new memories and fun for years to come.

However, the entire party might not be as excited as you are, specifically your children. So here are a few tips for moving to Seattle with your children so that they are emotionally and mentally ready to start a new chapter.

Talk It Through With Your Kids

When you finally announce to your children that the whole family is moving to a new location, it can feel overwhelming for them. They’ll ask many questions, such as if you don’t like your home anymore or if they are ever going to see their friends again. So one of the tips for moving to Seattle with your children is talking it through with them.

Everyone moves for different reasons but being honest and open with your children will help ease the heartache and confusion. Support them emotionally and mentally so that they feel comfortable talking about their feelings.

Book Your Movers Ahead of Time

One of the most time-consuming aspects of moving is transporting all your belongings and boxes. It’s important to schedule movers ahead of time, especially if you are moving cross-country. It’s also vital to know if you have an extensive collection of items that you need to move—if you don’t have much help, that’s when you hire movers.

If you plan on moving cross-country to Seattle, get in touch with cross-country movers. They specialize in helping you move from one state to another and will take the necessary steps to make a move as smooth as possible.

Organize Your Family Medical Records

As you transition your life to Seattle, make sure you have the necessary medical paperwork for your new doctors. It’s essential to have your current doctors know that your family is moving away. They can help you make sure your documents are appropriately transferred to your new doctors.

That way, you’ll have an easier time providing medical records for other situations, such as obtaining a disabled parking permit in Seattle for anyone with a disability or medical ailment.

Prep Overnight Luggage

Remember to not pack every item away in boxes; you’re going to need essentials for you and your family for the first few nights in your new home. Ensure you have a list of essential items to pack away in your overnight luggage so that you don’t have to dig through boxes. Some items include:

  • Sets of clothes and pajamas
  • Delicates and socks
  • Medication and pain killers
  • Documents and legal paperwork
  • Hygienic items
  • Blankets and warm attire

Moving to Seattle, Washington, doesn’t have to become overwhelming and stressful for your children. Instead, walk them through the process of moving and make it an exciting adventure.