Keeping your toddler preoccupied can be a challenge for even the most experienced parents. Finding the right project or game can be a fantastic way to use up kids’ seemingly boundless energy while connecting with them. Look below to discover fun and engaging playtime activities for toddlers.

Bring the Playground Inside

You should consider building an indoor playground in your home if you’ve got enough space. You can include playhouses, obstacle courses, slides, and more so your children can get some exercise under your supervision without leaving the house. These playgrounds are perfect for rainy days or when it’s too hot or cold outside to play.

Go on a Quest Together

Try hiding a toy or trinket somewhere in your home and challenge your child to locate it. Go with them as they explore the house, searching for it together, and even giving your kid clues when they’re warmer or colder. You can up the challenge by turning off the lights and using flashlights to search for the item, or by hiding more than one thing at a time.

The Floor Is Lava, So Watch Out!

You can play “The Floor Is Lava,” where you can’t step on the ground with your toddlers without worrying about stepping across the furniture. Simply lay down some pillows and sheets and encourage them to jump from each one without touching the floor. Just make sure you’re scaling it so they can reach each spot.

Follow the Line

You can lay down some painter’s tape on any flooring without carpet to create a game that builds a toddler’s motor coordination. Create a path with twists and turns using the tape and encourage your child to try and follow it. You can even leave tiny gaps in the way, so they have to jump over it to continue.

Finger Painting

Finger painting is a timeless hobby for a reason. It allows kids to get their hands dirty, learn about colors, engage in sensory play, and create a lovely picture for you to display on the fridge. Just make sure to put down newspaper and keep paint away from anything you don’t want it to touch.

If you find yourself stumped for something to do, try one of these fun and engaging playtime activities for toddlers. They’re all a surefire way to wear kids out for bedtime while developing essential skills.