When your child is little, it’s only natural that they will want to engage in boisterous, lively play. But sometimes, their playtime can get so out of control that they experience a bruise, a scrape, or even worse. Black mothers can enhance their children’s safety with these five tips for helping their children avoid injuries while playing.

Discuss Being Safe

If you haven’t talked to your children about being safe while playing, now is the time. Explain the risks they may take when having fun and what can happen if they aren’t careful.

If they show that they can be safe while playing, make sure you give them compliments. That will motivate them to continue playing safely.

Have Them Play in Safe Areas

Making sure your child is playing in safe areas is another way to help them avoid injuries. If you find them playing outside where they could suffer injury by bumping into sharp, metal edges, take them to a public park. It’s a far safer environment. While at home, be sure that the rooms where they play in are safe by removing any dangers.

Give Them Protective Gear To Wear

Providing protective gear to your child is another way to keep them safe. For example, kids need to wear helmets while driving power wheels so that they don’t suffer any unfortunate injuries to their heads. Just make sure you buy them comfortable protective items to wear, or they won’t want to put them on.

Encourage Them To Warm Up

Your child may want to play baseball, touch football, or even soccer for school or just for fun. To prevent them from experiencing athletic injuries during the game, encourage them to warm up before their game with activities such as stretches. They’ll thank you later when they don’t have sore muscles.

Urge Them To Drink Water

Your child should drink plenty of water while engaging in activities. Water will allow them to avoid dehydration and maintain their performance levels. They might even do so well that their teammates and coaches will be the ones who will thank you later.

Following these tips will help your child avoid harm and allow them to keep playing. You will help them get more joy out of their childhood by keeping them safe.