I have the best daddy ever. If you didn’t know now you know! But what makes him so special? Well, He is an absolute spoiler. You better admitted you love being spoiled because I sure do. Anything I ask of Him, best believe He comes through every time. Although at times I have to wait on His timing and I sure don’t like that too much. I’m truly blessed to be loved and be the daughter of the Most High, King of the World, my Father and Lord, Jesus.

With standards set so high I’m excited to share the next best daddy in my life and what makes him so special.


5 Reasons My Husband Is The Best Daddy Ever


1. He is super fun.

I have to give it up to hubs.. He is the silliest, funniest, coolest, and best Dj in the house. He keeps us laughing with his goofy self, saying the craziest things and of course doing the most. Wait a minute! This sounds like I’m describing Saige. LOL! No seriously, his personality keeps things quite balanced especially for those too strict and over the top moments of mine. 


2. The most giving person on this earth.

Talk about selfless, puts us first and gives his best every time. If you are new to my blog I recommend reading my previous blog to really understand what I mean. In addition, he surprises us with random gifts, offers to be the designated driver so I can enjoy a drink or two. Take us on the best trips. Let us choose the spots to eat out on family date nights. Plus order any and everything we want. No wonder we are all foodies in this house. 


3. He keeps our tummies very happy. 

If it was up to me we would make more visits to the drive-thru than we budget. He has been holding down the kitchen full-time since quarantine and I’m so grateful, well we all are. Even our big girl Nyomi is catching on his chef skills. I love watching them in the kitchen. Those delicious traditional Jamaican meals get me dancing every time. Juicy Jerk Burgers, Jamaican Escoveitch Fish or my favorite Jamaican Rum Cupcake. Oh Lord my mouth is watering right now. By the way do checkout his favorite meal he loves me to cook him – Jamaican Curry Chicken .



4. Rescuer of all things. 

You name it, he rescues me and the girls from it all. When he hears my multiple screams he already knows it is either a diaper disaster, bleeding gums or lips from Saige doing the most, or some bugs trying to attack us girls. We can count on him every time to run to our rescue. Well, except for that time I was backed up by a snake at the front of our house and he was stuck on duty at work (rolling eyes emoji). 


5. He is the bedtime king.

Rob is the only one in the house that can get Saige – energy boss baby to chill and mellow down and actually fall asleep. This whole coronavirus situation got things out of whack but he found a solution that knocks our little toddler out in no time. Disclaimer: His technique only works when he does it though. Told you he is the bedtime king…LOL!


It was definitely a challenge trying to sum up my incredibly loving husband who is the best daddy ever. Without a doubt he loves us with all his heart and and we can’t imagine doing life without him. We will forever count our blessings and show our love everyday to the one who loves, cares, protects us most. Thank you Lord, for sending us our best gift ever…our HERO!



Shoutout to all the amazing dads, single dads, step-dads all around. Keep loving your sons daughters and stay present in their lives. 


Blessings Roxi!