“This blog isn’t about my dad. This blog is about the best dad I’ve ever known!”

I’m a big birthday and holiday person. I love any excuse to celebrate, decorate, party, drink and eat. But Father’s Day was never really a holiday that I paid any attention to. Not on purpose, but just because I never really knew my dad. For whatever reasons, when I was still a toddler, my parents weren’t able to make their marriage work, so I guess you could say my relationship with my dad was simply a casualty of war because of that. But this blog isn’t about my dad. This blog is about the best dad I’ve ever known!
This Father’s Day I want to celebrate a dad that has always taken care of me. Since the day we met. I’ll admit, parenting caught us both off guard at first. I think we met each other when we were both living in the peek of our wild days. And when I say wild I mean, we met in a strip club. I was the bartender and he was a frequent customer. Imagine any season of any city of Love & Hip Hop and swap us out, and you gotta show. So it took us a MINUTE to iron things out. But we’ve been sticking with it, still going strong, both determined to give our children a better life than we had. And that’s all we can do.
So I really want to take this opportunity to just say THANK YOU!
Thank you. You and these children have changed my life. I was really lost and damaged when we first met. I was broken and in denial on top of it. (And then of course when you add all of his baggage in and everything he’s got going on into the mix….it’s a recipe for disaster. But this blog isn’t about that either.)
Thank you. We are giving our children a life that neither one of us ever had. Growing up together with the same mommy and daddy under one roof. I have absolutely no idea what it’s “supposed” to look like with a man in the house, so I appreciate the fact that we are making things up as we go. Our way. Our rules. Our family. We are all experiencing this for the first time. We’re finding our groove. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t work. I know with 6 different personalities it can get challenging sometimes, so thank you for weathering the storms with us. You could be anywhere you want to be in the world, and you choose to be here with us. Whether we’re in a mini-mansion, or all laying in one bed at the Budget Suites, you’re still there.

We’ve been through the trenches, but I wouldn’t wanna be on this roller coaster called life with anyone else but you! People ask me why I stay and put up with all of the drama. And it’s because I know that nothing in life comes easy. When you love and trust unconditionally, you take the good with the bad. And when it’s good….it’s GREAT! So that’s why. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this life looks like with you and these 4 sweet little souls.

As I mentioned earlier, it took us a minute to get it right, but I can honestly say that it feels so good to finally be in this season. We still have a lot of growing and learning to do, but that’s the beauty of life. It’s forever evolving. Have we made some mistakes? Yes. A bunch. That’s life. It’s inevitable to mess up. But we’re learning the lessons and being intentional not to make them again. So there’s no doubt in my mind that we will right those wrongs in due time. And yes I know, I know, things aren’t the way that we want them to be right now, but I know that you will figure it out like you always do. God will show you the way. I have so much faith in the both of you!

You have kept our family safe during the most uncertain times of our lives. I’ve seen you do things that you’ve never done before for me and these kids. Risking your health in the middle of a pandemic, to travel out of state during a nationwide lockdown to make sure we’re safe and have all that we need. Taking odd jobs just to make ends meet. Your persistence is almost supernatural. 
You’ve never quit or given up. No matter what life has thrown at our family, you’ve stayed true to you. I love watching your growth and seeing you evolve into the man God created you to be. I know the sacrifices it takes to actually provide for a WHOLE family and hold this thing all together. And that’s exactly what you’re doing. So I’m proud that you are the leader of our home. I look forward to the future with you.
The boys pretend to be you when you’re not home lol it’s the cutest thing! They sneak and spray on your cologne and strut around in your hats. It keeps me laughing! You & Harmony are already so smitten with each other. Ya’ll already have your own language. Sometimes I honestly feel left out. But that’s one of those good problems we like to have. I truly appreciate the fact that I get to experience the father/daughter relationship watching you two together. There’s nothing else like it. I pray that nothing will ever break your bond with her. 
Happy Father’s Day!
Oh and P.S….
You supporting me and my dreams means the world to me! None of this would even be possible if it wasn’t for you. I will be forever grateful. THANK YOU!
Now more than ever, is the time to pray the hardest for the black men and children in our life. These men are being killed and lynched in the street. Right in front of our faces. In broad daylight. Everyday that this man leaves the house, there is a possibility that he won’t return. We need to celebrate these men, encourage them, love on them, forgive them, protect them, support them, honor and respect them. Today. Not after they’re gone. BLACK MEN ARE ESSENTIAL. Please don’t kill them. We need them. Just as much as they need us.
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I’m wishing all of you a wonderful and happy Father’s Day Weekend!
With Much Love,