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Special Thanks To My Baby Daddi

“This blog isn’t about my dad. This blog is about the best dad I’ve ever known!” I’m a big birthday and holiday person. I love any excuse to celebrate, decorate,... Read More

Mommi 2.0 Challenge

It’s time for women and mothers to join together to stand united and in love for our black men and our black children. We have the power to change the... Read More

Mommi 2.0

I grew up an only child, so I always wanted to have a bunch of kids. I always had to play and do a lot of things by myself, and... Read More

4 Ways to Go Inward: Calming The Anxiety Caused by Covid-19

Hey Mommies! We’ve survived a few weeks of quarantine and there’s at least another month of this ahead. These are some very trying times. I don’t know one person that... Read More

5 Ways to Manage Mommi Madness with Multiples

I bet you can’t say the title again 3 times really fast! It’s typical of a mommi who already has a million things going in her head, to add more... Read More