I know that we are all counting down the days until the year 2020 is finally in our rearview mirrors. With just a little over a month left to go, the holidays fastly approaching, and the possibility of another nationwide shutdown, better days seem far far away for some.

But I’m here to tell you that those wonderful days, that new life, and all of the miracles are happening right now!

I’m dedicating this episode to all of the amazing, wonderful, beautiful and talented mommi’s that recently took the Mommi 2.0 Challenge!

Girl just stop right now and THANK GOD!

Thank God for this new life, this new awakening, this new journey!

I know it may look like things are falling apart right now, but girl God’s got you! God’s got US!

You will be able to implement these 5 tools today, to lift your spirits and get us all into the holiday spirit this year. No matter what your 2020 has looked like, you can end it stronger and be open and ready for all that is coming in 2021.

And guess what else?

SEASON 2 IS HERE!!!!!! Yes girl finally! This is the premiere episode for Season 2 of Momming @ Home! Listen to it right now! I’ve got a new intro and outro, new music, I’m so excited!!!

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Until next time….

Light & Life,


Destiny Aja