“Touch not my Anointed one…”

Ever since I was a little girl growing up in the Caribbean, I always knew I was different. You’re probably asking yourself “what do you mean Different, and How?” Well, it may seem crazy to a lot of people, but I believe that the Heavenly Father gave me the gift of discernment at a very young age.

Where it all began

I grew up on the Island of Trinidad and Tobago, and my parents always took my sister and myself to church. My Mom was our Sunday School teacher, and my dad played the Bass guitar. I’ve always had questions about the Bible. I was actually quite intrigued by it, even till this day.

I knew I was different, because I would see and feel things others couldn’t, let me give you an example: Around 8yrs old, I remember falling asleep in the living room and being woken up by loud chewing. When I opened my eyes, I saw a black shadow figure sitting eating on the couch. By seeing this you’d think I’d be afraid, but I wasn’t, because something in me gave me the strength to start praying out loud. Calling on the Name of Jesus, and within seconds
it was gone.

A shift at home

At the time these things started happening in my life, my parents were going through a divorce and there was a heaviness in the house. My Dad moved out, and my mom and sister would go to church together leaving me behind because my mom couldn’t afford to pay for us all to go. I would ask my neighbors if I could go to
church with them, and they would take me. But I didn’t think that particular church was for me.

So then one evening a new church popped up in our community, and they were having a Revival Week which I attended every night. This was it, I found my new church at the age of 9yrs. This new church focused a lot on the kids and youth in the community. They taught us how to pray in tongues and how to pray for each other. We also saw them cast out demons, which was a bit crazy for a young kid to experience. I would be so scared thinking
that I had a demonic spirit living in me and how embarrassing it would be for others to find out. But when it was my turn for them to pray for me, it was all good, I wasn’t possessed by anything but God. Phew!!!


Fast forward to my 1st wedding anniversary in 2016, hubby and myself took a trip to California where we stayed at a famous hotel. Loved the stories and history behind it. They hosted the Oscars, plus had a lot of amazing events and parties there. I was super excited to be staying there.

When we checked in, the lobby was filled with lots of people, and I was like oooh this place is popping. Its finna go down!! So, we got our room keys and headed towards the elevators. Remember I told you there were lots of people in the lobby, right? Well, that changed. It’s like they all disappeared, and that place started to feel HEAVY,
Omg!!.. I thought to myself. How crazy was this?? But I tried to look past it and relax.

We got onto the elevator heading to the room. Got off the elevator and saw this long, creepy hallway. It gave me an eerie, cold feeling instantly. I didn’t say anything to hubby, because I wasn’t sure of the vibe I was getting. So, when we got to our room it didn’t get any better for me. I started feeling sick, my head was hurting, my stomach felt icky.

It got real. Fast

I decided to take a shower and when I walked into the tub there was a long streak of blood with hair at the top of the shower curtain. I screamed out for hubby, and he came running into the bathroom. I showed him what I saw. He told me to get out of the bathroom and he went to call the front desk. Oddly without asking us a single question, they apologized and sent the manager to move us into a newer upgraded room.

Earlier that day after check- in; Hubby was on his way back from picking up food when he realized he pushed the wrong floor number on the elevator, which took him to a random floor. He said when the
elevator doors opened; it was a dimly lit hallway that looked like an abandoned hospital, no paint, no decor, no carpet, just a desolate floor. And he was scared. After being in shock for a moment, he hurried and pushed the elevator button for it to close! When he came back to the room, he told me everything.

New room. New problems.

So now we’ve moved over to the new room, which was upgraded to a suite. Y’all this suite had a more powerful presence! That’s when I decided to do further research on this hotel. I was SHOCKED by the results. People wrote reviews about seeing spirits and images in their rooms and the hallways. There was also an enormous amount of
strange deaths that took place there. My niece happened to call me that evening and I told her where we were staying, and she mentioned that that hotel was once featured on the show “Ghost Hunters.” Y’all I was READY to GO, but it was late, and we were tired.

That first night in the room was so uncomfortable for me. I prayed over everything, and probably got two hours of sleep. We left the room early to do some sightseeing and decided to do a Hollywood tour (which we shouldn’t have done, because we almost got into a horrible accident on the Hills). We were so thankful to the Almighty God for his protection.

Psalms of protection

We were both pretty shaken up from the day we had. Got back to the room and got ready for bed. Hubby fell asleep first that night, while I stayed up praying Psalms 91 over and over till, I forced myself to sleep. Then all of a sudden, I was woken up by hubby putting his fingers in my ear. I yelled WTH?? He had no clue of why he was doing it, but knew it happened. Then he rolled over and fell back asleep. I think I rattled whatever spirit that stayed in our room with the Psalms of protection, because when I fell back to sleep, I felt a harsh brush of air to my face and woke up with a scratch above my eyebrow. When I tell you I had enough! This spirit wanted to harm and get rid of me, because it knew who I served.

God’s protection is real

During our stay at this hotel my husband felt nothing strange. It was a regular vacation for him, minus the blood and hair in the first room, the weird looking hospital floor, and the crazy accident we could have been involved in. Didn’t seem that regular to me, but when I look back at how God has always protected me, there is no way he isn’t real.
Demons and Spirits tremble in the Name of Jesus.

I’ve become the Mommi who walks through the house with olive oil late at night anointing the walls, doors, windows, my kids and husband.

Mommi Heather

“Touch not my Anointed ones, and do my Prophets no harm.” (Psalm 105:15)