Temperatures are rising, and the summer months are just around the corner.  Get outside and get some fresh air. Try these six outdoor summer activities for toddlers to enjoy! Whether you have a large or small outdoor space, getting fresh air and feeling the sun against your skin can boost both of your moods.

Create Sidewalk Chalk Art

Spend the afternoon creating chalk art on your driveway or sidewalk! Allow your toddler’s imagination and art skills to take over. It is best to start fostering art in your child’s life at a young age to promote creative and critical thinking skills.

Grow a Small Garden

Children love to mimic what they see us do, and though we appreciate their eagerness to help, sometimes we don’t need their help. Setting up a small garden with your toddler is the perfect way to allow them to help out in the yard and watch their plants grow!

Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Your toddler will love going on a scavenger hunt to discover new things and let their imagination run wild. Create a simple backyard scavenger hunt with instructions like “find something purple” or “find three flowers.” Encourage your toddler to find as many items as possible to win a prize.

Take a Family Bike Ride

Try to incorporate outdoor family time during the summer months for unforgettable memories of your growing child. Even if your little one hasn’t mastered riding a bike, there are plenty of alternatives like a scooter or tricycle to include your toddler in this family adventure.

Have an Outdoor Picnic

On a more relaxed afternoon, pack up the cooler, a blanket, a couple of chairs, and your toddler’s favorite toys for a nice outdoor picnic. Plan a family picnic in your backyard or on the beach. Whatever you’re feeling; lay out on the ground and watch the clouds change shapes.

Make DIY Foam

There is something about foam that is so entertaining for toddlers. To create the ultimate outdoor foam party, mix water, tear-free bubble bath, and food coloring in a large bowl. Your toddler will love playing in the foam and blowing bubbles all afternoon.

Summer vacation is the perfect time to kick back outside and let your toddler roam and explore the backyard. Use our six outdoor summer activities for toddlers to help foster creativity and develop their sensory and critical thinking skills!