There might be times when it’s hard to bond with a newborn. It’s sometimes difficult for new parents, including mothers, to connect with their baby. There are ways for mothers to bond with their newborns; here are different things to try.

Continue Skin-to-Skin Contact

Just as the baby’s born, the first thing introduced is skin-to-skin contact. This makes the infant feel secure, rests their heartrate, and connects the mother and child on a deeper level.

Share a Room With Your Baby

Many parents opt to share a room with their baby in the first months of their life, and then make the switch to separate rooms. However, if you still find that you need to bond with them a little longer, it’s OK to share the room with your baby past four or five months.

Not only does the child feel less anxious in a room with a parent, but mothers have better access to tending to their infant and making night-time feedings easier. Babies can sense when you’re not near, so consider having them on the side of the bed for the first four months of their life.

Create a Routine

Babies respond better to routine, and they feel your stress if there’s a slight change in procedure. It becomes easier for mothers to bond with their children by watching their babies react to certain things, such as how parents hold them in their arms.

Once the baby looks calm in one position, stick with that one. Watch your infant’s face for other indications of what they like and don’t like when creating a routine. Knowing what they want creates a better balance in your day-to-day life.

Interact With Your Little One

It does seem hard some days to bond with your little one. It’s okay—take your time interacting with them. Just start talking; it doesn’t matter if it’s gibberish. They know your voice, and every time you speak, they smile wide and listen to what you have to say.

While talking’s an excellent interaction starting point, you should incorporate other bonding activities, such as bathing and singing. By doing these small activities, your bond grows closer.

Explore Movement With the Baby

When inside the womb, babies feel everything. When your infant felt vibrations inside the womb, they felt calm. Now that they’re in the world, continue doing this to entertain them when they feel playful or need to sleep. Different things to try include dancing, swaying, or bouncing.

As parents discover different ways to bond with their newborn, it’s also important to remember that you matter. You may have trouble bonding at first, but that’s okay. Learn from others to connect with your infant, and you’ll have the foundation for building a stronger relationship.