Mid-year, I wrote a blog, Sis Don’t Let Your 2019 Goals Become Your 2020 Goals. And Hopefully, you did not! But, regardless of if you crushed all of your 2019 goals or if you lost focus and will be repeating some of your 2019 goals, I am here to help you start 2020 off right! The beginning of not only a new year, but a new decade is the perfect time to set annual goals. You should set goals for every area in your life; career, health, family, financial, etc. But how do you make vision boards to set 2020 goals that you will stick with? When I set goals, I follow these 6 tips.

Limit Your Goals

I know I know, you have always been told that you shouldn’t limit yourself. But I believe that one obstacle that prevents us from accomplishing our goals, is setting too many. When we have too many goals set simultaneously, we are often overwhelmed with attempting to be successful at everything. Start off by writing down every goal that you want to accomplish in life. Then prioritize them. Circle the top 5 goals that are possible to complete this year and that mean the most to you. Once you accomplish your first 5 goals, you can start over and put all of your efforts toward the next 5.

Make SMART Goals

SMART goals are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Specific. Your goals should be very specific. Clearly defining your goals will give you direction. They should outline specific measurements ($100, 10%, $15,365, etc.) to help you track your progress and be completely aware of when the goal is accomplished. Ask yourself, “what does success look like?” Your goals should also be attainable. To ensure you have an attainable goal ask yourself “is this possible?” if the answer is yes, (and it should be) the next question to ask yourself is “how will I achieve this goal?”. Your goals should be relevant, meaningful, and important to you to ensure your commitment. And lastly, your goals should specify time by having a deadline.

Write Down Your Goals

According to a study completed by the Huffington Post, you are 42% more likely to accomplish a goal when you write it down. Writing your goals down and placing them in an area you are likely to often notice often will constantly remind you what you should be working towards. Everyone wants to be successful, especially when you take the time to set goals. The problem is we are often distracted from what our goal is and we fall off track. But writing your goals down in placing them in a highly visible place will motivate you and your brain will trigger to success mode. When you write your goals, write affirming statements like “I will save $10,000 this year”. By writing affirming statements, you train your brain to believe that your goals are possible and leave no room for uncertainty.

vision board goals

Break Your Goals Down

Have you heard the riddle, “how would you eat an elephant?… one bite at a time.”? The same rule applies here. We have big goals. When we set a goal, that means we want to become, something we are not, and evolve into something better. But that transformation usually does not occur overnight. So, you have to break down your goals into smaller, achievable goals that work together to accomplish your ultimate goal. You should break your goal down into its smallest form and gradually build. For example, if you want to pay off $10,000 of debt this year, break that down into quarterly, monthly, weekly, even daily goals. In order to pay off $10,000 of debt, that is $2,500 a quarter, $833.33 a month, $193 a week, $27.40 a day. Although $10,000 sounds like A LOT, $27.40 sounds manageable. Breaking your goals down is also a way to measure your progress ad ensure you are on track.

Vision Boards

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Create a blueprint with a strategic plan to accomplish your goals. If you want to get from point A to point B, you have to have direction. Creating a plan with help you track your progress and enjoy the journey to your ultimate goal.

Making a vision board can help you create your plan. There are several ways to make vision boards. For the last 3 years, my family has made digital vision boards. This was very simple and made the process of finding photos, buying supplies, and the tedious cutting and gluing step easy. You can find all of your images on google or in your personal digital storage. After completing the digital vision board, you can print them out and put them in picture frames to place in your office or you can place them as your screen saver on your phone or computer. We use Power Point, Canva, and/or Photoshop. I found that the kids usually prefer to do the traditional vision boards. This allows them to be creative through crafts and really visualize their year. This year we did a combination of the two. I purchased a planner that has a section to create a vision board. I cut out images and placed them inside my planner, I also purchased 8×10 boards to place them in frames, as well as creating a digital form for my screen saver. This way I have a daily reminder of my goals.

vision boards

Reward Yourself

Last but not least, set rewards for yourself at all levels of accomplishment. This year, I am planning a self-care reward day each month. The 3rd Friday of each month I will reward myself only if I have accomplished my monthly goals. This is something that will motivate you to succeed.



We want to encourage you to create a vision board. We think it is extremely important to set goals for yourself and document them. This year we will have a vision board contest!! Check out our IG page to find out how to enter. Here’s to having an amazing year and making 2020 the best year yet!



Love, Mommi Mykal