January is notorious for being the month of goal setting. A new year is the perfect time to plan out all of your dreams and aspirations to accomplish by the end of the year. You should set goals for every area in your life; career, health, family, financial, etc. The difference between a goal and a wish, is your commitment. How committed have you been to the goals you set for yourself in January? We all start the year off strong but have our goals vanished into the fast-paced lives we live every day? 2020 is in 6 months, what have you accomplished?

I’m here to help re-motivate and encourage you to accomplishing the goals you set for yourself.

Give Yourself A Break

First thing’s first, don’t beat yourself up for falling off track. Have a little compassion for yourself and remember, life happens to the best of us. You are going to meet obstacles on your journey, that’s life. But it’s not about the obstacles you face, it’s about how you respond to life’s obstacles. If you need to, give yourself a very short break, just enough time to cope and readjust. I personally have a goal to pay off $40,000 of my student loan debt. I was quickly discouraged when life hit my bank account like a ton of bricks. Just 3 months after paying my car off, it completely broke down and racked up about $5,500 of repairs. This threw a monkey wrench in my debt payoff plan. Yes, I was distraught, stressed, and completely overwhelmed. But after calming myself, I readjusted and recommitted to my goal.

Write Your Goals Down

In Setting Goals, I urged you to write down your goals. It is something about writing them down that makes you feel more accountable for accomplishing them. So, where are they? Where is the list of goals you wrote down in January, or the vision board you created? Wherever it is, open up that notebook, pull that vision board out of the closet, dust it off, and let’s attack these goals.


Assess Your Goals Progress

Look over your goals and assess where you are. We previously discussed SMART goals that are measurable. Let’s measure your progression. Have you made any progress? If so, write that down. Think about what motivated you to make that progress, what steps did you take throughout the process, and what is left to do?  Also think about what triggered you to fall off track. Once you are aware of your triggers, you will know how to avoid them in the future. Take complete responsibility for your short comings and commit not to make the same mistake twice.


Refocus and adjust your plan.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Revisit your blueprint with the step by step actions items you planned to take. Get a planner, or use your smart phone to schedule your action items. Check it daily! This will serve as daily motivation. It’s something about seeing goals checked off your list that motivate you to keep going.

Get an accountability partner!!

Find someone passionate about success, someone that will not let you make excuses, someone that you admire and respect enough to be honest with, and someone that will hold you accountable. Without my accountability partner, I would have given up only weeks after I starting my journey. When you have someone holding you accountable, you want to succeed because you don’t want to be considered someone who doesn’t keep their commitments.


So, whether you’re still going strong, hanging on by a thread, or completely fell off the struggle bus, you can make a commitment to yourself today, to still accomplish your goals. Make a habit of doing a complete checking every quarter to ensure you’re on track. As your virtual accountability partner, I will be checking back with you to make sure we are still crushing our goals!!

Until then, Follow me on Instagram and let’s virtually encourage each other.