In 2020 I gave birth to my second child. Like every mommi, I wanted that snap back and I wanted it quick! I ate good but not clean enough. The most exercise I did was lifting my baby and walking up and down the stairs. Mommination had a Fit Mommi Challenge, and I was curious to see what it was all about. So I joined and this is how consistency changed my fitness and mindset goals.

The Start

It was July 2020, and I had a three month old baby girl and my oldest daughter was seven years old. We were still on lock down, so we didn’t go out much especially with a newborn. I decided that I would do this challenge to lose the extra baby weight and get back that pre-baby body.

One of the first challenges was to post a video and go live. Before joining the challenge I would never post a video of me talking or exercising. Here I am nervous talking myself out of going live but I gained the confidence to press the button and I started doing workouts and it was not great but I did it.

The challenge was for a month, and while I thought I was fit, I joined the fitish mommi team because I was not as consistent with working out. While completing everything on the fitness bingo board, did my best to keep up with the schedule while still being a mom and wife.

The workouts are done live and together virtually. It gave me the accountability and motivation I needed. I remember joining the live workout with Sanya and I knew I had to give it my all. I was so nervous but I got through it knowing that I was on the road to living a fit life.

As the month was coming to an end I got sad because now what was I going to do? Working out with Mommination gave me a reason to take care of me! I was finally putting myself first. My physical health and mental health were my main priority. The times for the workouts was my me time. I wasn’t going to let anyone interfere with it.

The Challenges

My biggest challenges with being fit is not having a workout routine and not drinking enough water. The consistency with the workouts was not there, finishing the actual workout was an issue and I ate junk when I was stressed. The challenge was over and I could not get back in the routine because now I had to go back to work, my maternity leave was over and I had no time, so I thought. If you want something bad enough, you make time.

I decided that when the challenge came back, I was going to go hard and stay consistent. My goals were to tone up, drink more water and workout three times a week. I was not comfortable posting pictures and videos because I was overly critical and worried about how I would appear. Once I gained that confidence to stop over thinking and just workout without making sure I was put together, I knew I was on the right track of living that fit life.

The Comeback

I joined in on the live workouts and engaged more. I connected with the other mommies and really formed a bond. Having the mommies as an accountability partner really motivated me to go harder and not give up on myself. I even became a team captain and won prizes. It felt good to be recognized for my hard work and finally I was feeling like I could stick to a routine and accomplish my fitness goals.

Mommination has changed and saved my life. Being apart of the fit mommi challenge gave me an outlet and it only made sense to become a Mombassador. Currently we are in Cycle 6 of the fit mommi challenge and I feel like I am in the best fitness shape I have ever been in. Although I am apart of team fitish. I am fit and I am doing multiple workouts daily. Moving and making sure I make my physical and mental health a priority increased. My participation in the mommi 2.0 challenge is how I learned to affirm greatness over my life.

One of the things I love to do is cook. Normally I would not post my cooking but as a part of the challenge I would post my daily meals and workouts. I was so nervous about posting but the best advice I received from Sanya was to do it scared, find that one thing you are scared to do and just do it. I went live during the holiday season and made Christmas ornaments and posted my meals and wrote blogs.

Becoming a mombassador has allowed me to meet many women entrepreneurs and other successful people in business. My whole mindset has changed about business and since becoming a caregiver I knew it was time to stay focused on myself and taking care of my health, family and finances. I became a phlebotomist to increase my knowledge in blood drawing and I started an online business and took courses to increase my knowledge in wealth, real estate, and the travel industry.

The Journey Continues

I look forward to remaining on my fitness journey as I approach a milestone birthday. I want to look good and feel good, mind, body, and spirit. The challenges helped me to choose me, and to work on the areas that need to be strengthened. I will continue my routine to remain consistent with working out, drinking water and making time for myself to take mental breaks.

Staying consistent is not easy, you have to commit yourself to whatever the goal is. Keep positive people around you and do not give up on yourself. When the challenge ends, I plan to journal more. I will continue working out and drinking water. While also doing things fearless while putting my trust and faith in God that I will achieve success in my personal and business life.

Consistency is the key to Success!


~Mommi LaShon~