Our children are sensitive tiny humans with as many emotions as a full-grown adult, if not more. However, they don’t have all the tools in their emotional arsenal to manage their inner world effectively. Children must learn to grow and adapt to this world, which can be very stressful. To help aid them in this process, learn the different signs that your child might feel overwhelmed.

Lack of Participation

It is rare to find your child lethargic when they are always having fun with friends, sports, and even schoolwork. However, if you notice that they start to lack enthusiasm for these activities and no longer wish to participate, they might be feeling stressed.

Inability To Relax

Children love when they have the time to play their favorite videogames or do any leisurely task or craft that helps them decompress. Your child might feel stressed if you notice they no longer enjoy doing these fun tasks or avoid them altogether. Another sign of an inability to relax is general jitteriness; for example, they may shake their legs at the dinner table or grind their teeth.

More Fears

Every child is afraid of the dark and the imagined creepy crawlers under the bed and behind the closet. However, if you notice they are more fearful than usual, this might signify they feel overwhelmed. For example, they might start experiencing an increase in nightmares or suddenly burst into crying fits for no reason.

Helping Your Child

It can be painful to imagine your child struggling with more stress than is normal for a young kid. However, knowledge is power, and recognizing the signs that your child might feel overwhelmed is a crucial first step. Once you have pinpointed the symptoms, you can assist them with coping strategies to help them deal with stress.