Work Life Balance: Is There Really Such a Thing?

In the corporate world the term Work Life Balance floats around and when I hear it, I give it the side eye. Now I know you are probably wondering why I give it a side eye. Well, let me tell you why!

When I hear the word balance, I think of things being even, like 50% and split down the middle on both sides. However, that is NOT the case. It really boils down to what is happening at that particular time to determine whatever it is.

The many hats I wear

Now I wear many “hats”. Yes, I work in the corporate world at the executive level, but I am also an entrepreneur of my educational consulting business, an executive director of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Never Underestimate Knowledge (NUK), author of the book “How To Get A College Degree For Free”, professional speaker, host of the talk show MOM TALK, board trustee for a charter school with two campuses, active member in my sorority, mom, room parent at my Prince’s school, a wife, and I’m sure there are some other things I’m missing out. However, you get the picture. I do a lot! Oh, I cannot forget that I am known as “The Fund Finder For Education”.

Perfect imbalance

I listed out these things for you because I want to highlight that our life is not just two things. There are multiple layers in each side of work and life. Plus, there is never an equal balance between the two, well really more parts of our lives. I like to call it a perfect imbalance.

Prioritizing what is important

What each and every one of us need to do it look introspectively to ask ourselves periodically “What is important to me?”. From answering that question, we are able to truly visualize all that we do in life.

From there we need to prioritize what is important to us because let’s face it, we can NOT do it all. Once we have our prioritized list, we need to determine what we will actually do. When I performed this exercise that I was doing several things simply to please others and it was not healthy for me to continue operating in that way.

Exercise your power to say NO!

Therefore, I encourage you to exercise your power to say No unapologetically if you are not feeling something and deep down inside do not want to do it. Yes, the person asking you to do something may initially be upset BUT you will feel better about it in the long run.

Build habits that promote success

Since my entrepreneurship journey started eight years ago, I learned about two things that I bring with me daily. They are the compound effect and the power of starting your morning out with you in mind.

The compound effect is the fact of doing something small every day to break down your large goal and equal a big reward in the end.

Now when it comes to your mornings, I understand everyone is not a morning person but hear me out here. I have learned that a lot of successful people make time for themselves daily to make sure they are doing something for themselves first before they do for others. For me that is exercising, meditating, prayer, and / or positive affirmations. You would be surprised how doing those things would help you to kickstart your day off on the good foot.

I challenge you to implement one or all of the tips I shared with you so that you could find that balance
that works best for you.

Mommi Crystal