Everyone begins their fitness journey with a motivator and a goal. What is your fitness motivation? What pushes you to focus on fitness? What is your fitness goal? I’ve learned that before you can succeed at anything, you have to start with why. What is your why? Is it overall life/health? Does working out and eating healthy make you feel better? Do you want to lose weight for an upcoming event like a wedding or vacation? Do you want to look fit? Or is there another motivator?


My Fitness Motivation

My motivation for everything I do is my son and fitness is no different. But I recently discovered that he motivates me in my fitness journey in more ways than I thought.

The first way he motivates me is no different than any other. I want to live as long as possible and be the best Mommi I can be. I have a family history of diabetes and heart issues. As a preventative measure I should stay active and consume a healthy diet to live a long life alongside my son.


His Confidence

One thing my son does not lack is confidence. He exudes confidence in anything he executes. He believes he can do anything. In his eyes, he is the fastest, the strongest, the most athletic, and anything else equivalent to the best.  I want that kind of confidence!

I worked out hard for my wedding! You wouldn’t believe how strict I was with my exercise and diet that I told myself after the wedding I would rest and eat whatever I wanted. And that is exactly what I did. The problem is, I did not stop. Here we are 2 years later and I am bigger and more unhealthy than ever before. When it comes to my appearance, I lack the confidence that I once had. I want that back! My son’s confidence inspires me everyday to get that feeling once again.


His Determination

Last year was a tough year for my son. I thought his confidence was shot. He desperately wants to be the best athlete. He tried out for the school football team and made the team. My son was so excited! He had already played recreational football and loved it. The problem was, his team was in a very competitive league and lost most of their games. And as for his school team, he rarely got in the game. Right after football, he tried out for the school basketball team and did not make the team. He then played recreational basketball and did very well in the league. His team went undefeated. But when it came to the end of the season and they selected the best players to form an all-star team, he did not make the cut.

Around the same time, he tried out for the school soccer team (the first time he has ever touched a soccer ball) and was told he was very athletic but since he did not know the game, he was not selected. And last but not least, he tried out for the track team and did not make it. He received all of this news within weeks. Instead of giving up, he came to me and asked to enroll him into intense training. And that is exactly what we did. We got him into training. Training is 5 days a week. Not only does he train 5 days a week, he constantly ask me to take him to the gym daily and even on training days, he works out twice a day. He is determined to improve and his determination is motivation for me.


He Pushes Me

To see him push himself in the gym to go faster, lift heavier, and be better than he was the day before is admirable. Not only will he push himself, he pushes me. If we are doing 10 reps, on the tenth rep he yells “2 more Mommi, you can do it!”. If he sees that I am ready to give up, he says, “you got this Mommi, let’s go let’s go”. At the end of the workout he tells me “you did so good, tomorrow we’re going to go a little harder”. I have always been the one to encourage him and now he is encouraging me.


I have found a new love for fitness because we workout together. As he gets older, it is becoming more difficult to bond and have Mommi & son time. I am so happy that we have found a new healthy hobby to bond over and he is my fitness motivation.

In what ways do your children motivate you when it comes to your fitness journey? What is your why? I would love to hear from you. I would also love for you to join the #FitMommiChallenge.

 Mommies, I challenge you to find a healthy, fit activity that you can enjoy with your children. And find your fitness motivation.

Until next time Mommies,

Mommi Mykal