Well, for the next six weeks we want to challenge mommies to incorporate fitness in their lives! We know it’s not easy and we’re always putting everyone and everything else first but ladies, we can’t pour from an empty cup and we must prioritize our health! So together we’re going to make it happen!

First screenshot the image below and upload to your IG or IG Story to official be entered in the challenge.

You can also challenge other mommies to join! If your friends join that increases your chances of winning our weekly Nike sneaker giveaway!


Then we’ll be uploading weekly challenges! We realize that everyone is at a different point in their fitness journey so you can activate with us in many ways. Just be sure to tag @mommination and use the hashtags #FitMommiChallenge #FitMommi to be entered to win!

Each week we’ll be uploading new challenges. You can follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

So we’re underway and we’ll be updating new mommies and adding fun videos and pics here! So tell a mommi friend and join us!!! We’re excited to have you. and hope you’ll commit to working out, eating healthier and staying on track.

We’ll also have fun blogs about fitness:


We hope this series will inspire you!

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