You have big dreams.

That dream could be writing your first book, starting a business, or running a marathon.

Pursuing your dreams will make you feel more fulfilled. And definitely make you a better mother and woman.

Let’s be honest. Spending your days only caring for your kids when you have other gifts and talents will only leave you unfulfilled.

But specific thoughts are paralyzing you. In particular, the idea of “how am I going to talk to my husband about this.”

You want and need your husband’s support, but you know.

It almost feels safer to keep your dreams hidden.

Stay with me to see how you can easily talk to your husband about your dreams and get the support your need.

How men and women are different.

First things first. Know that men and women process information differently.

Even if you look at the difference between a man’s brain and a woman’s brain, some distinct differences make a man and a woman.

So keep in mind that your husband isn’t going to process information as you do. And that’s ok.

Men are naturally more focused on solutions compared to women.

It’s not that your husband isn’t empathetic when you are talking about your dreams and challenges at work. Your husband’s brains respond differently when you’re stressed or expressing a problem.

His brain is wired to be more concerned with fixing a problem than showing feelings. So be prepared for suggestions and little excitement when you share your dreams.

Tips for sharing your dreams and goals

Now you’re ready to talk to your husband about your dreams or big goals. Before you do, check out these tips.

Bottom line

When I read my Navy emails, I stumble on a few lengthy emails that the sender includes the acronym BLUF at the beginning of the email. BLUF stands for the bottom line up front. BLUF is a summary of the long email with recommendations and conclusions.

If you notice that your husband is checking out as you are talking to him, you may want to implement BLUF.

Be sure to discuss the bottom line. If your dream is going to cost money and/or extra time away from the kids, make sure you address it.

You want to be upfront and transparent with the investment of time and money to achieve your dreams to avoid arguments later.

Be knowledgeable

Remember, men’s brains are naturally wired to fix problems and come up with solutions.

Be sure to have a general idea of how you are going to achieve your dreams.

For instance, if you are going to have a food truck business, know the steps to purchase equipment, getting permits, and locations to sell.

This will allow your husband to relax a little and be more accepting and supportive in your pursuit.

Also, it is good to familiarize yourself with the financial aspect of your dream if it involves an investment. It’s good to have an idea of how much is needed to at least break even.

Need help with breaking down your dream into actionable steps?

Make SMART goals. If you haven’t heard of SMART goals, SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

Share a win

If you can, sharing a win with your husband would be awesome. Even if you don’t think that it was a big deal, let alone a win, share it.

This will show that you are already making progress. Making it even easier for your husband to jump on board and be the support that you need to achieve your dreams.

Take some time to prepare, and I’m sure that your next conversation about your dreams will be a good one.

Mommi Contributor,

Toni-Ann Mayembe