Raising kids as a Black mother in today’s society is no easy feat. Social and institutional issues affect Black mothers on a constant basis. Still, one way many mothers strive to create a better future for their children is by raising them in an organic lifestyle. This type of lifestyle focuses on a natural relationship with food and material goods without unwanted toxic chemicals. Here are four ways to raise your baby on an organic lifestyle.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

An organic lifestyle means avoiding chemical-laced foods and home goods; this includes your cleaning products. One way to lead an organic lifestyle is to use only natural cleaning products. The average household cleaning product contains chemicals with challenging names and many unwanted health risks. Purchase natural, organic cleaning products that are safe for newborns. You’ll feel better about its impact on your baby, yourself, and the environment.

Only Use Organic Formula

There are many reasons to use organic baby formula. Organic formula is the closest thing to natural breast milk. Some women cannot breastfeed their children, and that’s okay. Organic formula contains no unnatural preservatives, sugars, or other harmful ingredients. It’s also free of agricultural herbicides and hormones. Giving your child natural, organic formula is one of the best ways to prevent them from ingesting toxic chemicals.

Buy Organic Clothes

Another way to raise your baby on an organic lifestyle is to buy clothes made from organic cotton. Organic onesies, socks, and even diapers are important for your baby’s health, as synthetic fibers are not good for newborns. They can dispose chemical residue on your baby if improperly treated. The best way to avoid this is through organic, natural clothes. You should also look for fair trade materials to ensure the clothing was manufactured under fair and humane conditions.

Avoid Major House Repairs

Finally, don’t undergo any major home repairs near your baby. Home renovations create a toxic environment for your child. Various chemicals and materials fill the air. Do yourself and your baby a favor and either wait a few years before undergoing the project or take a vacation while those repairs are underway.