Your bedroom is a safe space where you can make time for yourself. With this Parent Approved: Guide To Decorating Your Child’s Room you can help in making it their safe space. For kids, a bedroom is where they also keep some toys. Best of all, it’s the one place in the house where your little one is the boss of things. As toddlers grow into young children, they may want to redecorate their bedrooms to better aligns with their growing interests. With this guide to decorating your child’s room, you can work with your little one to make the space perfect!

Decide on Colors

While there’s no denying that your child’s nursery was adorable, your little one will eventually outgrow the cute design. Interests change, and your precious child may want to swap out the pink walls of their nursery for fuchsia, blue, green, or some other color.

Look through color options for new paint together and determine which one both like best. Your child may need some advice from you on picking the best colors to create a balanced look.

Think of New Storage

Where do you currently keep your child’s belongings? Is it easy for them to grab their clothes and plan outfits? As kids grow, they often want to show off their independence. Work together to think of storage solutions that are easy for them to access. For example:

  • Put toys into a chest
  • Install a lower bar to hang clothing in the closet
  • Buy multi-purpose beds

Multi-purpose beds such as lofts are great options because you can place a desk or play area under them. Other beds have drawers where your little one can store clothes or stash special toys. Most importantly, everything in their room will be easy for them to reach without having to ask for help.

Invest in Child-Friendly Furniture

As your kids spend more time lounging in their room, they’ll want the furniture to feel comfy. Before you start shopping, make sure you know how to choose kid-friendly furniture. This type of furniture will be child-sized, easier to clean, and more cost-effective.

Make It Fun

The final tip to decorating your child’s room is to make things fun and enjoy your bonding time. Redecorating is an exciting process, but your child may also worry that they’ll miss how their bedroom once looked. Remind your kiddo that it’s the same room, and they’ll still have all the toys they love; the only difference is that they’ve made the space their own.

Pro Tip

To enhance this Parent Approved: Guide To Decorating Your Child’s Room, consider making fun upgrades like adding a craft table or reading corner. These additions make your child’s bedroom unique to them. Help your child make their bedroom perfect for their growing interests!