Ever since my boys were big enough to understand the meaning of Valentine’s Day, I’ve made sure they receive a special gift from me, so they know just how much they are loved. I didn’t want them to only see their Dad and I loving on each other. They are very special too!

I really tried to find a heart shaped cookie cutter with no luck! I decided to go with the “star” because they are destined to be shining stars in this world. (Moms we know how to improvise)

This year, I wanted to do something extra special because exchanging Valentine’s Day cards at school has been canceled. Not only have I been preparing a special gift to give them on Valentine’s Day, but I also wanted them to feel that extra love the week leading up to that special day.

So, I decided to treat them to a special dessert after dinner, a pre-Valentine’s Day treat. We’ll do it again on the actual date of February 14th.

My youngest son, Kaleb, loves helping me in the kitchen when I’m making brownies. This is a family favorite treat, but I decided to take it up a notch in honor of Valentine’s Day and me wanting to show three of my favorite people in the world, just how much I love them.

Once the brownies were baked and cooled, I asked all the boys to come get one. But this time they were able to use a cookie cutter to cut out their brownie, then we cut it in half and put icing in the middle and of course we added more icing to the top of the brownie along with as many sprinkles that they wanted to put on it. The smile on each of their faces really made my day and I’m positive they felt the love.

I wanted to point out that I didn’t spend a lot of money to create a special treat that made my boys feel loved by their mother, each of them holds a special place in my heart. The Duncan Hines milk chocolate brownies, which are our favorite cost just $1, vanilla icing $1 was purchased at the dollar store and I bought a big bottle of sprinkles from Kroger for $3.99. So, for just $6, I was able to make this special treat come to life. I’m not counting the eggs, oil and cookie cutter because they were things already in my refrigerator and kitchen drawer. But, if you had to buy these items, you’re looking at spending any where from $6 – $10 more.

I also have been planning for the past few weeks a special Valentines bucket that I will give them the morning of Valentine’s Day. Most items were purchased at the dollar store, but I did find a few items at Target and Five Below as well.

Bucket (Dollar Store) – $1 x 3

Stuffed Monkey (Dollar Store) – $1 x 3

Sour patch kids hearts (Dollar Store) – 4 for $1

Lip pops (Dollar Store) – 4 for $1

Bag of Kit Kats (split into 3 ways/Target) – $3

Heart cakes (Includes 5 packages of 2 cakes/Target) – $1

Godiva package of caramel chocolate (Dollar Store) – $1 x 3

Blue heart filled with Airheads (Five Below) – $1.50 x 3

Total: $6.50

I think this is the cutest little bucket of my boys favorite candy treats and more and it only cost $19.50 before taxes. I’ll be adding a handwritten note letting them know just how much I love them and cherish them. They are truly a gift from God, and I know my husband and I are truly blessed.

I hope this helps inspire all the MommiNation moms that want to show their children just how much they love them on Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.