Teething is an uncomfortable time for your little one, and this period often comes with a lot of crying and fussy behavior. This milestone can feel all the more nerve-racking when you’re a first-time parent. Sure, you’re also excited about your baby’s first tooth, but no parent wants to see their child upset or in pain. Growing is hard, and sometimes, it hurts a little too. We’ve laid out the best methods to soothe a teething baby so that you can help keep your little one comfortable as they grow.

Stick to Soft and Frozen Foods

If your baby is old enough and the pediatrician gives you the go-ahead, stick to soft foods. Some great foods for a teething baby include:

  • Yogurt
  • Banana
  • Pureed vegetables
  • Bread
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Oatmeal

Some moms also freeze a bit of breast milk or formula to make a milk popsicle—dubbed “milksicle” by moms—for their baby. You could also freeze items like yogurt or fruit for some cool relief. All these foods are easy to eat and gentle on the gums, which will help keep your precious bundle nourished as they grow.

Buy Teethers

Just like every parent needs a stockpile of pacifiers, you should have plenty of teethers. As a first-time parent, finding the right teether for your baby can feel challenging since there’s so much on the market. Experts recommend sticking to wooden or silicone teethers because they’re more hygienic and gentler on the gums.

You can give your baby a bit of extra relief by placing their teeter in the freezer so that it gets nice and cold for your little one. But before doing this, double-check that the material is freezer safe. Typically, silicone is freezer safe, but other materials like wood or plastic may not be.

Give Them a Gum Massage

Another one of the best methods to soothe a teething baby is to give them a massage. Lightly rubbing your baby’s gums can help provide them with a bit of relief and lessen that fussy behavior. Make sure you wash your hands before moving your fingers in small circular motions over your little one’s gums.

Parenting Tip

Usually, teething babies drool more than usual, and you should wipe away excess saliva on their chin and mouth. Leaving this sometimes leads to a mild rash, which can add to your infant’s discomfort.

A Trip to the Pediatrician

If all else fails, and your baby is still in a lot of pain, you may need to reach out to your pediatrician. Sometimes, doctors prescribe babies pain medication to help lessen this pain so they can eat and sleep through the night.

Showers of Love

Remember to give your baby lots of hugs and kisses, no matter what additional methods you rely on. A few extra cuddles go a long way and remind them that you’re there to comfort and care for them.