While raising little ones is a blessing, it can also be a constant pull on your time and energy. We moms are always looking for ways to save time while providing the best for our babies. If mealtime is a struggle for you, keep reading for quick and healthy meal ideas for toddlers that are as fun as they are healthy.


Starting your toddler’s day off with an effortless breakfast will help you both ease into your day. Avoid cooking altogether by prepping overnight oats or blending up a fruit and veggie smoothie. Other options include chopped-up fruit, yogurt and oats, or even a nut butter sandwich. By not cooking, you free up your time for other things, like braiding their hair or styling your own. I also find that the tantrums are lower if they don’t have to wait for their meal to be ready. I would call this one a win-win, momma!


Lunch is usually the meal I struggle with the most. Being close to nap time and at the energy slump of my day, these meals tend to be whatever is quick and convenient. Instead of rolling through your local drive-through, there are many delicious lunch Ideas that are fun for the little ones and require little preparation on your part. Who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board? These cute trays can include whatever you have handy, and the bonus is that you can introduce new foods like hummus or yams in a fun and inviting way, reducing the pushback our toddlers are experts at giving.


Preparing dinner ahead of time is my go-to way to make the last meal of the day the easiest. If you have other kids who need chauffeuring around or homework help, this preparation can be life-changing. Crockpots are a great place to start, but prepping can also mean pre-chopping your veggies when you bring them home from the grocery store or making your sides in bulk at the beginning of the week. Foods like quinoa, roasted veggies, and black beans keep well in the fridge. If you still want to show off your cooking skills, Sunday dinners are a great way to switch it up and put in work in the kitchen.

The truth is that a lot of our time can be spent in the kitchen. Remember when your baby used to eat every 2 hours?! For all my boy moms out there, it never changes. But you can make quick and healthy meal ideas for toddlers that won’t take up all your time. Then kick your feet up, momma, because you just made it through the day, and you deserve it!

If you have some easy meals that your family loves, please feel free to share them with us! Mommination loves recipes from audience.