Are you stuck inside on a rainy day? Whether you enjoy the moody weather or would much prefer some sun, there are many ways to make the most out of being confined to your four walls. If you’re searching for ideas to keep the kids busy, here are some rainy-day activities to do at home with the family.

Board Game Tournament

Is Candy Land a crowd favorite, or does your family love Monopoly? Either way, a wide array of board games will surely entertain and excite. If one game isn’t enough, let the winner choose the next game as an incentive!

Arts and Crafts

Head to your favorite craft store and take a look around. There are hundreds of options, so picking the right one for your kids can be overwhelming. Here are some popular choices to help you decide:

  • Painting garden rocks
  • Making sock puppets
  • Creating beaded jewelry


A bake-off is a great rainy-day activity that is the perfect way to quench both hunger and boredom. If you want a quick treat, go for cookies or brownies. However, decorating a freshly baked cake could be fun for the whole family. Make sure you have lots of sugar, flour, and eggs, and get baking!

Building a Fort

Grab some extra bedsheets and clear some space in your living room to build a fort. Use chairs and other furniture to prop up your sheets and create a comfortable spot to hide in for the day. Fill the fort to the brim with pillows and stuffed animals, and add some twinkling lights to brighten it up!

Movie Marathon

Comedy or drama, animated or action? Take your pick! A movie marathon is a terrific way to pass the time. After creating a cozy movie setup, prepare your favorite movie snacks. All that’s left is to press play!

When the weather is dark and gloomy, enjoy these rainy-day activities to do at home with the family. If the sun should come out, look for a rainbow—it’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces!