It seems slightly intimidating to plan the nursery, especially as a new parent. You have parent-friends who give you advice on the best nursery organization tips for new parents, but then there are family members who offer their thoughts on how to straighten everything out. As you take in every suggestion and word of wisdom, you may not know what to apply. The truth about organizing the nursery for every new parent is that it varies from baby to baby. Here are some pointers that should help you simplify things in the nursery room.

Keep All Sizes Organized

Babies grow fast, so have more than one-month to two-month clothing options organized between the closets and dressers. This will help make dressing the baby less stressful.

As you go through the many size options, you should set aside a basket for sizes that your little one’s outgrown. Then, stow them away for future use or give them to charity or another expecting parent.

Place Bedtime Items Nearby

Bedtime is a serious routine many new parents might have trouble balancing. It’s okay if you don’t have everything close by, but try and keep the essentials on a side table so that you don’t balance the baby while looking for a swaddle.

Before the baby comes, set up a basket or two with your bedtime essentials to help put the baby to bed easier.

Having everything organized near the crib or rocking chair with the pacifier, bottle, and other necessities will create a happier nursery.

Place the Clothes in the Top Drawer

You likely have a lot of clothes to sort through, but you don’t want to overwhelm yourself by only placing clothes in the closet.

When setting things up, place all the first three months of clothes in the top drawer. The best way to organize the clothes is by installing a divider to keep each size separated and organized.

By organizing the clothes by season and the baby’s size, you can better understand how to arrange each chest drawer.

Put Toys on Top Shelves

Don’t place toys on the ground; you might trip if you’re not careful. While you hang attire on racks, utilize the top shelves for organizing toys, including the small stuffed animals.

Many items in the nursery can go into baskets, so place all the toys into those baskets.

As your child grows, you can efficiently switch toys out for newer ones in these handy storage containers. Additionally, each basket helps decrease messes.

Use Rolling Carts for Other Items

If you run out of space in the closet or dresser, consider using rolling carts for other items you need to store, such as shoes and portable items. It’s easy when you have a rolling cart that can fit your diaper bag and other assorted items when you need to take the baby out with you.

These essential nursery organizational tips for new parents help make the transition into the nursery easier, especially when you need easy access to some items. Keep things safe and neat in the nursery.