Hello Ladies!  I’m going to walk you through the steps I use to create fabulous headpieces!

Things You’ll Need to Get Started: 

  •  One Visor Cap
  •  Hot Glue Gun
  • 10-12in. Ostrich feather packs (Colors of your choice)
  • Rooster feather trim (Colors of your choice)
  • Rhinestone mesh ribbon
  • Individual Rhinestones


45-60 minutes.

Step 1: 

Start applying the Ostrich Feathers by gluing the tips onto the top of your visor cap.

Step 2:
Lightly apply glue to the hem of the Rooster Feather Trim.

Step 3:
Apply Mesh Rhinestone, to cover the perimeter of the visor cap.

Step 4:
Cut to style the rhinestone mesh to your desire.

Step 5:
Lightly apply hot glue onto the individual rhinestones and apply them to feathers.  


Voilà!!! There you have it.  You’ve just created your very own Carnival Headdress.  

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