Breastfeeding, while natural, is often difficult. Many problems can creep in and threaten to stop you from breastfeeding. The good news is that virtually every problem that comes along with breastfeeding can be fixed. 

It never fails, you always seem to find yourself pregnant at the same time as someone famous. So, you watch…

I’d be lying if I said becoming a mother hasn’t taken over in all areas of my life. —at work, if something comes up, my response, “well y’all just gotta figure it out”  because guess what— I’m a mom first. It’s girls night and something comes up, “Sorry ladies I know we’ve been planning this forever, but I gotta cancel”—- I’m a mom first. I find myself reiterating the fact being a mom is number one when it comes to many areas of my life, and in most areas, I’m finding that people won’t always be happy with you prioritizing being a mother first. *Kanye shrug*Not my problem.

I’ve made it through my first year of motherhood! Sh*t that was fast! The first year as a single mom…

I felt like I waited for this day forever and couldn’t wait to get home, but now the day has come and I didn’t want to leave the hospital. I’m not gonna lie, I was scared. For the last month I’ve had the help of the nurses, to help change, feed, and keep the babies on a routine.

As a kid growing up, I use to love playing with my dolls and pretend I was the mom and they were my babies. I use to always take my role as a “play mom” very seriously. Always combing my dolls hair, changing their clothes, feeding them and making sure my babies were well taken care of. They even rode shotgun with me in the car. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t a mother. Being a nurturer came naturally to me and I loved it.

It was surreal, indescribable, it was Magical!Seeing my baby for the first time rocked my world! I couldn’t do anything but scream and cry, she was perfect! I couldn’t believe she was actually mine, so many emotions ran through my mind,  I was smitten.

I was adamant, confident, borderline obnoxious about the mother I would be and no one heard it more than my brother-in-law, Tyrell. He was the first of our close friends to become a parent, having his daughter, my goddaughter, while we were all still in college. Years later when he started dating my sister we spent a lot of time together. From the very beginning, Tyrell always prioritized his children. He would visit them every other weekend, almost 4 hours away, and never missed a birthday, Christmas or special occasion. I admired many of his parenting traits but always criticized him for being too lenient on his children.