As a kid growing up, I use to love playing with my dolls and pretend I was the mom and they were my babies. I use to always take my role as a “play mom” very seriously. Always combing my dolls hair, changing their clothes, feeding them and making sure my babies were well taken care of. They even rode shotgun with me in the car. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t a mother. Being a nurturer came naturally to me and I loved it.
At 13 years old, I got my first taste of what being a mother was like. My mom had my baby sister. I had a real-life doll baby, all to myself. I would help my mom with anything I could. She was my little handbag. My mom worked nights, while my dad worked days so I found myself being a second mom to my sister. No complaints over here. I loved every minute of it.
Most kids in high school are thinking about what college they want to go to and what career path they want to take. That’s the next step out of high school, right? Me, on the other hand, was thinking about something else. Becoming a mom. Of course, I wanted to go to college and I’ve always dreamed about becoming a nurse as my career, but becoming a mom was my priority. I even had my kids’ names picked out since the 10th grade!
I always told myself I wanted to be a young mother, and grow up with my kids and be able to keep up with them. After meeting my husband in high school, we both seemed to have the same goals, which was to have a family early. We use to write letters to each other and talk about one-day having children and if we had a girl, I would pick her name and if we had a boy he would pick the name. DEAL!! I always loved the name JADA! Jada Pinkett-Smith is one of my favorite actresses and made me love the name even more.
My dream finally came true the day I found out I was pregnant.
May 3, 2010, was the best day of my life. At the age of 23, I became a mother. After 12 hours of labor, I gave birth to a 6lb 10oz beautiful baby girl named Jada Monét Robinson.
My life was finally complete. She was the missing piece to my puzzle. I felt whole again. I’ve been praying for her and she was finally here. My very own, all mine, my mini-me, my baby. I was on cloud nine. She was the best early Mother’s Day gift. I didn’t sleep at all as I watched her sleep and was so amazed at this beautiful little human I created out of love and carried for almost 10 months. Now, I finally got to meet her.
I went into instant Mother-Hen mode and was so overprotective of my baby girl. Everyone had to wash hands, have a blanket over their clothes to hold her, don’t talk directly in her face and don’t you dare cough near her lol. She was my pride and joy so I had to protect her at all cost.
How could I love someone so much that I just met?? It was if I knew her forever. It was an instant bond. All the sickness and pain I felt, I quickly forgot once I saw her face. I finally felt like I had a purpose in life, and that was to be a mother.
I had the two best role models to exemplify what being a great mother was like. My mother and my grandmother. Two strong, hard-working, independent, humble, selfless, caring women. They sacrificed so much, and prepared me for the most important role of my life. Motherhood! For that, I’m forever grateful.
After Jada was born, I gave birth to my son Justin 2014, and my triplet girls Jewel, Jhem and Jhené 2018. Each time, I felt like I was a first-time mom all over again.
Being a mother has given me strength that I didn’t know I had. I’ve had to learn to be patient when I have no patience left, shower-less days, sleepless nights, scaring away the boogie man from time to time, breaking up fights, and kissing away boo-boos to list a few of my job description as a mom. The list is endless. Out of all the roles I have, being a mother by far is my favorite one.
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