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Emulating the Athlete

The ponderer, wonderer, and dreamer in Iyabo started to think deeply… What drives these really fit men and women athletes to keep going, never give up, and score victory after victory?What... Read More

I Am Pro Life

I am Pro-Life. Yes, I am. My daughters know this about me. My close friends and family know this about me. But please, Pro-Choice backers, do not judge me yet.... Read More

Paying the Toll on the Road to Financial Freedom

Financial constraints and bad debt are huge stressors and sleep deprivers for many people. This kind of stress is never short lived. It goes on and on and prevents people... Read More

Mother’s Day Letter to my Little Black Daughters

Hello, my little black daughters. What a difference six months makes! My first letter to you was in October of last year. I planned to write you another one after... Read More

Travel Blog: Antigua (Part 2)

On to more historic sites and must see spots on the drive.   At Betty’s sugar plantation.   The historic Sugar windmills at Betty’s Hope—-the largest sugar plantation in Antigua. Built... Read More

Travel Blog: Antigua (part 1)

Looking for a dreamy vacation in the Caribbean? I may have found the island for you!   Antigua – ‘The Land of Sea and Sun’.   Located on the Caribbean... Read More

Live to Give

As we wake up every single day, we are given breath so we can give to others.   Can you remember the last time you gave selflessly to someone?  ... Read More

Importance of Early Literacy

By providing age-appropriate books to children at well-child visits from six months to five years of age, Reach Out and Read Georgia prepares children for school and encourages a lifelong... Read More