I am Pro-Life. Yes, I am.

My daughters know this about me.
My close friends and family know this about me.

But please, Pro-Choice backers, do not judge me yet. Please continue reading.

You want to know why I’m Pro-Life? It is very simple. I just believe the gift of life is precious and sacred. I believe the gift of life (babies) are seeds necessary for the advancement of humanity.
My reason is as simple as that. No religious or political or complex reasoning.

I have advised and shared with my daughters that I would prefer for them not to terminate any pregnancies. They understand my views, but I will not impose on them.
Ultimately, it is their choice.

However, the new anti abortion laws are appalling!

As women ALL OVER THE WORLD, don’t we have enough to already fight for ourselves?
Inequalities in
🔘Access to Quality Education.
🔘Accessibility to leadership positions, and when a Leader-being called bossy, pushy etc
🔘Being respected-instead, being viewed as sexual objects.
🔘Access to Healthcare
🔘The responsibilities of keeping the household, and kids intact.
…..And on and on and on

The last thing we need now in this day and age is being ripped of the choice to do what we want with our bodies.

Even though I am Pro Life, (and I’m proud to declare I am), I mind my own business. I do not go around imposing my views on others.

Men….and women who are in favor of these new anti abortion laws. Please join me in minding your own business. Do not let this be one more thing women have to endure.

Please give women the choice to discuss this thoroughly with their health care provider and decide what’s best. Abortion is a complex issue. One size does not fit all.

As you can imagine, as a practicing pediatrician for 27 years, I have had to be the doctor intervening in the issues with teenage pregnancies and the parents of those teenagers. Very very tough situations that tear families apart, and cause massive psychological stress.

Women need to preserve their freedom.
Women need to preserve their voice.
Women need to be heard.

May we all be permanently happy by having the right to choose what’s best for our bodies.

Author of ‘Permanent Happiness’