It is my body, I should get to decide what to do with it! Am I expected to go through a pregnancy that resulted from rape or incest? I should get to decide what to do, right? It is my body! Should I be forced to give birth at the risk of my own life? Which one of these questions speak volumes to you?

Having an abortion should be a personal choice for women with some exceptions. There are many religious and personal beliefs that result in people being against abortion. Abortion will forever be one of those controversial topics that bring about numerous debates. In some countries, women have no choice to make the decision on this personal matter. Take a look at these countries where abortion is illegal today.

What does this mean for women?

There are many concerns about the legislature of Missouri ban on abortions which prohibits any abortions after eight weeks of gestations with no exceptions for cases of rape or incest. Alabama’s abortion ban is bad for all women but even worse for all black women for many reasons. While some black women have limited resources and getting access to equal healthcare is a struggle. Can you imagine the crisis the abortion ban will cause? Don’t think if you’re a rich or a famous black woman that you are exempt from unfair healthcare practices, infant mortality and pregnancy complications. Didn’t you hear about Serena Williams life-threatening childbirth complications.

What is the maternal mortality rate in Alabama?

Let us look at some stats here for a bit. According to America’s Health Rankings in 2018 Alabama’s overall maternal mortality ratio increased 21% from 9.8 to 11.9 deaths per 100,000. The 2018 maternal mortality ratio among white women was 5.6 while the ratio among black women was 27.6. Shocking right! This is evidence that black women in Alabama are more likely to die as a result of pregnancy than white women. This is not my words this is statistics here.

What is the intent of Alabama’s abortion ban?

Do you know what is the intent behind Alabama’s abortion ban? Why would a state with a high black mortality rate push such a strict abortion ban? Should I be ok with the ban because of the one exemption that was made? Alabama’s abortion ban stated an exemption for any reasonable medical judgment that poses serious health risks to women. Now the next question is. Who is going to make the call on what is a reasonable medical judgment? And what is the criteria for these judgments anyway?


What is your view?

Do you agree with the concept – it is my body, I should decide what to do with it? Or not?

Do you have anything to add or even subtract?

Do share your views below.  


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