My Opinion My Choice

…I have that right…or I should at least. I have been torn about the abortion issue since the conversation became more mainstream. I’m not political nor am I following every single detail of this debate because honestly a woman’s body shouldn’t be up for debate. I’ve never condoned abortion because no, I don’t believe a pregnancy should be terminated however, there is so much gray area within the issue. I can only speak from my actions and what I believe in and I think that should be MY choice. I believe a woman should have a choice and the decision should be hers, it should be treated case-by-case. I’ve never had an abortion, I’ve been pregnant once and I have one child, I cannot relate to my fellow sister who has been in a position to even consider abortion and what might be going through her head, I assume that the pressure is surely unbearable!

The Argument

Many argue that if you make the choice to have sex then you know the outcome could lead to pregnancy, while this is true many women are raped or forced into situations that are out of their control, and I’m not saying the outcome should only be abortion but what I am saying is that to be in that position would be unimaginable so I won’t pretend to act as though I would be level-headed and know what to do. Lawmakers in some states have signed strict abortion bans, with the state of Alabama having the strictest, sentencing Physicians up to 99 years in prison if they perform the procedure. I will again say, our bodies shouldn’t be regulated by laws, we aren’t property and we are capable for speaking and making decisions for ourselves whatever, it may be. This is a tough issue to address, because my christian faith speaks against it under any circumstance, so that makes it more difficult to speak out how I personally feel it should be a women’s choice, but I stand by my choice to believe that no matter what.

No Magical Process

There is nothing magical about this topic. Its hard…really hard! Children are a blessing, they are our gifts from above. As a Mommi I feel very fortunate to be a Mother and be on this Motherhood journey, but that’s my story. I would not expect to regulate another woman’s decisions or journey in her life. I don’t know what could’ve happened or where she stands in her life and that isn’t my place to. A man, politician, or lawmaker should also not have that right either. Maybe there could be revisions in the abortion laws but to have strict bans across the board isn’t the answer. It should be treated based on that Woman and the situation she is facing. This is no easy subject to discuss and no magic is going to solve this issue in America, it will take people, woman, doctors, and lawmakers working together to resolve such a sensitive subject that can effect anyone. As a Nation we’ve got to come together on this issue and many other issues in America!

Mommi Brittany