We have officially entered the week of Mother’s Day (even though we believe that every day is Mommi’s Day). If you’re anything like us, with all craziness and uncertainty resulting from the Coronavirus, you’re scrambling right now to find the perfect gift for your mommi and dropping hints to your man about how amazing a new DIY nail kit would be. Whether you’re trying to find the best gift for your Mommi or your Baby Mommi, we have you covered with a financially conscious Mother’s Day gift guide for everyone!

We polled the ladies of MommiNation and we have a comprehensive list of the best Mother’s Day gifts!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

If You Love Me, Leave Me Alone on Mother’s Day!

When asked “what would you like for Mother’s Day?”, the most consistent answer was peace and quiet!! 2020 has brought on its own unique challenges and us mommies have added more duties to our already overflowing plate. On top of being a Mommi, wife, entrepreneur/employee, chef, and maid, we are now also teachers, creatives, and therapist. We just want 1 day out of the whole 365 to ourselves.

PSA to Daddies, Grandfathers, and/or Aunties please come get these kids and occupy them for 24 hours!!

What will we do with the 24 hours you may ask? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! Sometimes, we just want a day. A day to pretend that we are not moms, wives or teachers, a day that we can sit on the couch and waste hours binge watching shows and eat all the snacks that our kids are eating before we have a chance, a day where we can walk around in Pjs all day! This gift of time will not cost you a dime. And if taking the kids for a full 24 hours is not an option, how about taking them somewhere in the house (away from Mommi) to occupy their time just enough for mommi to get some sleep in?


Mommi Makeover Services

Some of us are STRUGGLING without our stylists, nail techs, and estheticians. So, this year’s perfect gift guide will include some DIY kits. Any other year, a day at the spa to get our nails, hair, and/or makeup done and top it off with a massage, facial, and/or wax would have been everything we’d ever dream of. But this year is a little different because we are staying at home and flattening the curve. Buy her an at home manicuring set, facial kits, magnetic lashes, makeup (because even though we’re in the house we still need pictures for content), electronic messaging device (and the good ones, not the one that just vibrates), or waxing kit.


Invest in Her

This is the perfect time for us to focus on launching our new business or finishing that degree we’ve held off on. A perfect gift would be an investment in our business or education. You can purchase her website, trademark, materials, advertisement, a college course, a business course, books, etc.

Speaking of mental stimulation, a good book is also on our list. For starters, every mommi needs Michelle Obama’s book Becoming.


Mommi Attire

Every other year you may get the special mommi in your life a super cute outfit to wear to a special event. Well this year we’re stuck in the house and because it’s so easy to slip into the bad habit of not getting dressed, here are some bomb ideas for “stay at home” attire.

Now that we’re stuck in the house 24/7, we are focusing on getting our summer body right and tight. New, cute workout clothes will motivate us to get up and get a daily workout in. You also can’t lose with purchasing online workout courses since we can’t get to the gym.

Cute stay at home lounge wear is a must during this corona season. There are some really cute and comfortable clothes that we can wear around the house. Some of us wear our MommiNation Tees daily! A since we are #MommiOfAllTrades a custom MommiNation Tee to describe what kind of mommi we will be that day is the perfect lounge wear.

Here are some other loungewear pieces that every Mommi would love:

Wine Me Please

At the end of a long week playing teacher, WE NEED WINE!! Lol. Instead of going to the local grocery store and grabbing wine weekly, get her a Wine club membership. This will save you time and her sanity after a long week with the kids.


Food is My Love Language

Since the stay at home order has removed the option to take her out for a Mother’s Day dinner, how about Mother’s Day dinner ordered & delivered! You can also get the kids together, throw aprons on everyone, and cook her favorite meal.

Another favorite

The Portal From Facebook!

Honorable Mention


Looking to support a black Mommi this Mother’s Day? Check out our Boss Mommi page full of dope mommies with dope products and services.


We understand that we are in unprecedented times that has place restrictions on access, finances, and options. But, it’s imperative that we shower our mommies with appreciation for everything they do day in and day out. So even if you write her a letter, cook her dinner, or just give the gift of alone time, she will appreciate it. Just make sure your gifts are thoughtful.


Hope you enjoyed this Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Tell us in the comments below, what you plan on purchasing.

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